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Sydney lockout laws review highlights vital role of transparent data analysis

The danger in not explaining, quantifying and reporting uncertainty is that the public loses trust in data-driven policymaking.
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Conferences versus journals in computer science

The question of which type of computer science (CS) publication—conference or journal—is likely to result in more citations for a published paper is addressed. A series of data sets are examined and joined in order to analyze the citations of over 195,000 conference papers and...

Joint declaration of data citation principles

Data citation, like the citation of other evidence and sources, is good research practice and is part of the scholarly ecosystem supporting data reuse. In support of this assertion, and to encourage good practice, this is a set of guiding principles for data within scholarly...
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Out of cite, out of mind: the current state of practice, policy, and technology for the citation of data

Published digital data, like the use of digitally published literature, depends upon the ability to identify, authenticate, locate, access, and interpret them. Data citations provide necessary support for these functions, as well as other functions such as attribution of credit and establishment of provenance. References...