Data publishing


The state of open data 2019

The State of Open Data 2019 report is the fourth in the series and includes survey results and a collection of articles from global industry experts.

Ethics, consent and data sharing

This guide is about sharing research data and is intended for those engaged in research involving human subjects which is subject to ethics approval, and for those with a role to play in the Human Research Ethics Committees which oversee the research.

The Federal big data research and development strategic plan

The United States' Government has launched the Federal Big Data Research and Development Strategic Plan, which will provide guidance on strategies for US Federal agencies to use when developing or expanding their individual Big Data research and development plans. The strategy builds on the Obama...

Publishing without publishers: a decentralized approach to dissemination, retrieval, and archiving of data

Explores different approaches to disseminating, retrieving and archiving data.
Journal article

Out of cite, out of mind: the current state of practice, policy, and technology for the citation of data

Published digital data, like the use of digitally published literature, depends upon the ability to identify, authenticate, locate, access, and interpret them. Data citations provide necessary support for these functions, as well as other functions such as attribution of credit and establishment of provenance. References...

Open research data: report to the Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

This study offers conservative estimates of the value and benefits to Australia of making publicly-funded research data freely available, and examines the role and contribution of data repositories and associated infrastructure.

Australian National Data Service NCRIS and ARDC EIF final report 2009-2014

Data is crucial to most research, and, increasingly, research is data-intensive. New discoveries are being made by looking for data patterns from colliders and telescopes. A huge number of researchers have shared genetic data in an unprecedented way to map the human genome, leading to...