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A changing climate: what investors expect from company directors on climate risk

The objective of this report is to clearly articulate Australian investors’ expectations by detailing the experience, action and responsibilities required to constitute a climate competent board.

Australia's long-term emissions reduction plan: modelling and analysis

This report summarises the methods, assumptions and results from the economic modelling conducted to inform the development of the Australian government’s long-term emissions reduction plan and associated 'net zero emissions by 2050' target.

Trade and investment trends in a decarbonising world

This report examines the global reorientation in trade and investment that is underway in the transition to net zero emissions, and considers what these trends mean for Australia.
Discussion paper

Undermining climate action: the Australian way

This report estimates the emissions associated with the coal and gas projects currently planned in Australia. The vast emissions that would results from current planned fossil fuelled projects in Australia are not consistent with addressing climate change and achieving net zero emissions.
Discussion paper

Bending the trend

The Morrison Government has released a ‘whole of economy plan’ to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. This paper focuses on the plausibility of the Morrison Government’s belief that the course of the Australian economy can be significantly altered without changes in policy, without the...

Towards net zero: a practical plan for Australia’s governments

Tackling climate change will bring costs and benefits for Australia. In some sectors, the benefits will outweigh the costs. In others, big financial costs will remain even after our best cost-reduction efforts. This report finds that getting to net zero could be the biggest economic...

China, climate politics and COP26

It is almost inevitable that competition between regional blocs — China, the United States, and Europe being the three most significant actors in this context — will increasingly be a feature of climate policy. This paper examines China's ambition to become carbon-neutral by 2060.

The plan to deliver net zero: the Australian way

Australia is setting a target to deliver net zero emissions by 2050. This plan outlines responsible and practical actions towards that goal that are in Australia's national interest.
Briefing paper

Hydrogen as an energy source

This paper gives a brief overview of hydrogen, how and where it will be produced in Australia, and the main challenges.
Discussion paper

All pain, no gain: the full cost of the National Party’s climate stance

This report explains the size and cause of the significant economic benefits associated with increasing the ambition of Australia’s 2030 target that are calculated by Deloitte Access Economics modelling, and relied upon by the Business Council of Australia.