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Lessons learned from a periodontal intervention to reduce progression of chronic kidney disease among Aboriginal Australians

Periodontal disease is associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD), with both conditions being highly prevalent among Australia’s Aboriginal population. This paper reflects on the lessons learned following implementation of a periodontal intervention in the Central Australian region of the Northern Territory among Aboriginal adults with...
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‘There’s a wall there—and that wall is higher from our side’: drawing on qualitative interviews to improve Indigenous Australians’ experiences of dental health services

The aim of this study is to obtain a greater understanding of people’s perceptions, experiences of oral health, and the barriers and enablers that prevent Indigenous Australians from seeking timely and preventive dental care, using qualitative methodology.
Policy report

COVID-19 and the dental profession: professional tensions and ethical quandaries

This paper explores pertinent questions about dentistry, the dental profession and the nature of oral health that have been raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to consider these questions proactively, with an inter-professional and collaborative approach to the practice of dentistry, will be key...

Collaborating with communities delivers better oral health for Indigenous kids in rural Australia

Aboriginal children in rural Australia have up to three times the rate of tooth decay compared to other Australian children. Tooth decay can affect a person’s overall health and nutrition because it can affect how they chew and swallow. Tooth decay can also reduce self...
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Factors influencing the perceived importance of oral health within a rural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in Australia

This paper seeks to explore the perceived importance of oral health within a rural Indigenous community in Australia and the factors influencing this perception.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander oral health care in Queensland

The Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council's report on Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Organisations about oral health services provided, and what challenges need to be addressed.
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Community based programs to improve the oral health of Australian Indigenous adolescents

This article reviews the international literature on community-based interventions aiming to improve the oral health of Indigenous adolescents and identify which demonstrate a positive impact.
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Private eyes…, hips, etc

The research in this paper suggests that Australia’s private health insurers are set to enjoy a windfall of between $3.5 billion and $5.5 billion over the next six months.
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Who’s declining the “free lunch”? New evidence from the uptake of public child dental benefits

This paper provides the first evidence on the determinants of uptake of two recent public dental benefit programs for Australian children and adolescents from disadvantaged families.

Access to public dental services in Victoria

This audit assessed the extent to which people eligible for public dental services have access to oral health care that effectively meets their needs.