Disability employment


Disability support workers: the forgotten workforce during COVID-19

This research report describes the findings from a national survey of 357 disability support workers (DSWs) conducted online between May and June 2020.

Management of agreements for Disability Employment Services

The audit objective was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Social Services’ arrangements for managing Disability Employment Services provider agreements.
Working paper

Councils as employers of choice

This paper draws on a review of Australian and international literature on disability employment and social procurement. Government publications examining public procurement as a policy response to unemployment, as well as reports produced by social procurement intermediary organisations both in Australia and internationally, were also...

Working in new disability markets: a survey of Australia's disability workforce

This report is based on a nationwide survey of more than 2,300 responses from across the disability sector in March 2020. It reveals that a key concern for workers is the rising casualisation of the workforce, with many staff having to work less than full...
Discussion paper

Employment: issues paper

This issues paper looks at the experiences of people with disability in employment. The Commission wants to understand why people with disability are less likely to be employed and have lower incomes than people without disability.

The disability workforce and COVID-19: initial experiences of the outbreak

This report provides analysis of workers’ experiences of delivering disability services and supports in the early stages of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Australia. Data is drawn from a survey of disability workers conducted in March 2020.

SVA perspectives: disability

This document outlines Social Venture Australia's evidence-informed perspective on what they believe is required to ensure all people with disability are full and equal participants in the Australian community.

People with disability: action plan to improve WA public sector employment outcomes 2020-2025

This plan aims to increase the representation of people with disability employed in the Western Australian public sector to 5% by the end of 2025, and support an inclusive work environment.

Plans that work: employment outcomes for people with learning disabilities

This paper explores the barriers to employment for people with learning disabilities, principally in relation to support for children and young people with special educational needs, and sets out recommendations for change.
Policy report

Inclusive workspaces: diversity and public policy

Workplace inequality remains a challenge for diversity and inclusion in New Zealand. So what role can public policy and the state sector play to promote and encourage positive change?