disability policy


Making disability rights real Whakatūturu ngā tika hauātanga

New Zealand has a mixed record when it comes to the rights of disabled people. Although some things are done well, there is still a great deal of work required to remove barriers stopping disabled people from participating in society on an equal basis. This...

Aotearoa New Zealand’s mental health services and addiction services

This report provides an independent assessment of the state of mental health services and addiction services in Aotearoa New Zealand. It holds the Government to account for progress made in relation to those services, including areas where the government are doing well and where improvement...
Discussion paper

Inquiry into the National Disability Insurance Scheme market in Queensland: issues paper

The Queensland Productivity Commission has released this issues paper to assist interested parties to prepare submissions to the inquiry. It outlines the scope of the inquiry and provides background material.

The health and disability system review

This report discusses a range of detailed proposals regarding all the elements that need to change for the New Zealand health and disability system to produce more equitable health outcomes and to become more financially sustainable.
Briefing paper

Developmental Language Disorder: a disability, health and education challenge

This Evidence Brief examines the impact of Developmental Language Disorder in Australia across health, education and disability policy settings.

Young willing and able: youth survey disability report 2019

Mission Australia has analysed their youth survey data with a focus on young people with disability and how their experiences differ to young people without disability. This report offers a deeper understanding of what young people with disability in Australia are experiencing as it relates...

SVA perspectives: disability

This document outlines Social Venture Australia's evidence-informed perspective on what they believe is required to ensure all people with disability are full and equal participants in the Australian community.

How to improve the National Disability Insurance Scheme for Aboriginal people in remote Australia

The-purpose of this submission is to inform policy and decision-makers of significant current issues about the delivery of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for Aboriginal people with disability living in remote areas of the Northern Territory (NT).
Policy report

Understanding disability through the lens of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people – challenges and opportunities

This resource was developed to examine the implementation of the NDIS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Strategy.

Improving outcomes for people with disability

This article summarises the current situation for people with disability, explore the three core drivers that we have identified could help deliver better outcomes, and explore in more depth why incorporating the voice of people with disability will enhance their experience of inclusion and wellbeing.