Electronic cigarette smoking
Electronic nicotine delivery systems

Briefing paper

NHMRC 2022 CEO statement on electronic cigarettes: plain English summary

This briefing paper outlines the most current advice on the health impacts of e-cigarettes, and is based on in-depth evidence reviews and an extensive toxicology report.

Electronic cigarettes and health outcomes: systematic review of global evidence

This report aims to provide a systematic overview of the contemporary evidence on the health effects of nicotine and non-nicotine e-cigarette use excluding, where possible, use of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other illicit substances. The report was informed by the National Health and Medical Research Council...
Policy report

Regulating the future of vaping

This paper is the first as part of a new research project focusing on developing a new approach to regulation of the vaping industry in the United Kingdom.

Impact of COVID-19 August/September 2021

This report examines changes in alcohol drinking, smoking, vaping and gambling behaviours during the August/September 2021 New Zealand lockdown.

Tobacco harm reduction: final report

In Australia, the current regulatory framework draws on existing laws that may apply to tobacco products, poisons, therapeutic goods, consumer goods and industrial chemicals. However, regulatory approaches to e-cigarettes vary between states and territories. This inquiry found that this inconsistency should be addressed, through the...

National Drug Strategy household survey 2019

This report presents key results from the 2019 National Drug Strategy household survey. It looks at people’s drug use throughout their lives and during the last 12 months, and examines how these patterns have changed over time.

Smoking and vaping behaviours among 14 and 15-year-olds: results from the 2018 Youth Insights Survey

This report presents key findings from the 2018 Youth Insights Survey (YIS) about smoking and vaping behaviours among 14 and 15-year-olds. The study explores trends in these behaviours using the data from previous years’ surveys (2012-2018 YIS) as well as looks at access to cigarettes...

A surge strategy for smokefree Aotearoa 2025

In 2011 the New Zealand government set an ambitious goal to be smokefree by 2025. This means adult daily smoking is less than 5% prevalence and almost no new smokers start. To achieve this goal, this paper advocates a 'surge strategy.'
Journal article

Philip Morris International’s use of Facebook to undermine Australian tobacco control laws

The borderless nature of the internet, coupled with narrow defnitions of advertising and interference, means the tobacco industry still uses online and social media to sell and promote its products, highlight supposed corporate social responsibility practices, and challenge public health views and policies.
Briefing paper

Māori women's perspectives and experiences with smoking and vaping

The HPA commissioned a qualitative research project to explore young Māori women’s attitudes towards vaping, their vaping behaviour, and the relationship between smoking and vaping. This report is a summary of the key findings.

Legalising vaping in Australia

This report explores the regulatory framework surrounding vaping as a means of tobacco harm reduction in Australia.

E-cigarette use and perceptions among current and ex-smokers in New Zealand

This report is based on data about e-cigarettes in the 2017/18 New Zealand Smoking Monitor (NZSM) from 1,099 respondents.

No fire, no smoke: global state of tobacco harm reduction

This report maps the global, regional and national availability and use of safer nicotine products, the regulatory responses to these products, and the public health potential of tobacco harm reduction.

Tobacco reforms literature review: final report

This research presents overwhelming global evidence that tobacco firms are developing new ways to get kids hooked on nicotine products and more needs to be done.

Smoke and vapour: the changing world of tobacco harm reduction

Tobacco policy in New Zealand has traditionally neglected the needs of smokers. The good news is that youth uptake of smoking has significantly declined. The bad news is that the current approach is not as effective in helping smokers become ex-smokers. If the government wants...

Report on the Inquiry into the use and marketing of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporisers in Australia

The emergence of electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) in the past decade has required governments around the world to grapple with how to regulate this product.
Journal article

A systematic review of the health risks from passive exposure to electronic cigarette vapour

The aim of this paper is to summarise and review all studies that have examined potential adverse health effects of passive exposure from inhaling e-cigarette vapour. Research objectives were to describe 1) the absolute impact of passive exposure from inhaling vapour when compared with background...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Too soon to know if e-cigarettes help people quit smoking

The evidence does not support the idea that e-cigarettes help people stop smoking.