Earthquake strengthening

Conference paper

Making Wellington: earthquakes, survivors and creating heritage in the town

The Canterbury earthquakes of 2010-2012 have trigged a reappraisal of building policy and regulation – both for new buildings and existing buildings. This reappraisal is influenced by the recommendations of the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission and currently being implemented by the earthquake-prone policy review of...
Policy report

Recipe for disaster: building policy on shaky ground

The Christchurch earthquakes provided a few more important lessons for policy. The government must plan ahead to make post-disaster recovery simpler and it must avoid creating the prolonged policy and regulatory uncertainty that hindered Christchurch’s recovery.
Journal article

The heritage problem: is current policy on earthquake-prone heritage buildings too costly?

This article examines whether, in spite of the costs of strengthening, there is significant progress being made on strengthening heritage buildings in Wellington New Zealand. The focus is on category 1 heritage buildings.

Don’t mention the law: Review of the new seismic strengthening regulations and methodology

The Ministry of Business Information and Employment (MBIE) is currently consulting on the regulations and the earthquake prone building (EPB) identification methodology required under the Building (Earthquake-Prone Building) Act 2016. The purpose of this document is to set the Society's views on the most important...