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Economic cost


The economics of biodiversity: the Dasgupta review

This global review calls for changes in how we think, act and measure economic success to protect and enhance our prosperity and the natural world and provides a new framework to account for nature in economics and decision-making.
Journal article

Overcoming information asymmetry in the construction industry based on open and closed contractor activity data

The purpose of the research is to find measures to reduce information asymmetry which significantly affects the relationship between customer and contractor, leading to higher prices for construction work and enhanced opportunism. The most effective level of interaction is ethical, as it significantly reduces information...

Cutting costs while improving care: Samoa's diabetic foot clinic

A retrospective study of medical records provided an opportunity to compare the costs and benefits of the DFC with those of acute hospital care and amputation.

Opportunities for Collaboration to Improve Building Energy Codes in APEC Economies

This discussion paper draws on published research on building codes activity globally and in APEC economies, and new interviews conducted with policymakers in eight participating APEC economies to provide a summary of best practices in building energy codes, a landscape analysis of building energy codes...

The economic costs of the Havelock North August 2016 waterborne disease outbreak

This report estimates the costs of the waterborne disease outbreak in Havelock North, the largest outbreak of its kind in New Zealand.

Scoping the costs of homelessness in New Zealand

The cost of homelessness to society and to the individual is difficult to measure, which in turn makes it difficult to formulate and evaluate meaningful policy change to address rising homelessness and housing deprivation. This report reviews the international literature on quantifying the cost of...