Economic growth


Advanced manufacturing industry transformation plan

This document provides an overview of New Zealand’s advanced manufacturing sector and outlines an action plan to accelerate its growth and transformation.
Working paper

Changing nature of patents in Australia

The digital revolution and continued globalisation have caused a paradigm shift in every aspect of the economy, including the innovation environment. The author of this paper argues that these shifts could have implications not only for the future of innovation in Australia, but also for...

The morality of growth

The economic turmoil of recent years has seen a renewed focus on Britain’s failure to grow. This essay, by CPS Director Robert Colvile, sets out how this is a much longer-term problem than we think – that the growth ceiling of the British economy has...

Harnessing science x technology to drive Australian innovation and growth

In mid-2022, CEDA convened a series of workshops and one-on-one discussions with leaders from Australian industry, government and academia on how our nation might better harness Australia’s science and technology potential to drive innovation and economic growth. This paper discusses some of the opportunities.

Think big: a new mission statement for Australia

In this keynote address to the 2022 Skills and Jobs Summit, Grattan Institute CEO, Danielle Wood, urges Australia’s leaders to forge a plan for full employment and higher productivity.
Policy report

Maximising opportunities in the industries of the future

In this paper, the Business Council of Australia identifies the critical resets needed to diversify Australia's economy and maximise opportunities in the industries of the future.

Turning Australia into a regional tech hub

This report examines where Australia has a comparative advantage in tech, how we can make the most of these opportunities, and how every Australian can be involved in the change that revolutionises Australia’s technology sector.

Millions of Australians own Big Super - report 2

This report is the second in a new series from ISA examining how industry funds’ distinctive investment approach strengthens Australia’s economy while also delivering benefits for members.

Engaging a proactive Vietnam: a pragmatic economic agenda for Australia

Produced in collaboration with the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, and funded by the Australia-ASEAN Council, this report provides a detailed overview of Australia-Vietnam economic engagement, identifies areas for future growth, and provides policy recommendations for further integration.
Position paper

Seize the moment: securing Australia’s economic future

The 2022 federal election needs to focus on securing Australia’s economic future and in turn its strategic future by making the most of existing industry strengths and advantages while building new industries, developing new capabilities and creating new higher paying jobs, according to the Business...
Discussion paper

Rebalancing the nation: regionalisation consultation paper

The Regional Australia Institute (RAI) believes the creation of a National Regionalisation Framework will draw together common priorities for supporting a stronger regional Australia. This consultation paper kicks off the process for developing the framework. It sets out five themes which the RAI has identified...

Revising down the rise of China

The authors of this report argue that China will likely experience a substantial long-term growth slowdown, owing to demographic decline, the limits of capital-intensive growth and a gradual deceleration in productivity growth.
Literature review

New Zealand’s areas of (economic) strength

This report presents the findings of a literature review about New Zealand’s areas of economic strength (and critical weakness) compared with other countries

Closing the divide: how to really level up the UK

Long-standing inequality between and within regions in the United Kingdom is holding back millions of households and acting as a drag on economic prosperity. This report purposes five major shifts in the old local economic development model if this divide is to be reduced.

Inquiry into reform of South Australia’s regulatory framework: final report

This report makes recommendations to modernise South Australia’s regulatory framework to better support investment, employment and productivity growth as well as to ensure regulation making and regulator behaviour is more efficient, effective and future oriented.

Response to the South Australian Productivity Commission Inquiry into reform of South Australia’s regulatory framework

This response to the South Australian Productivity Commission's inquiry into modern regulation is focused on those areas recommended as in need of greatest improvement, notably the regulatory policy development process, and post implementation reviews, as well as doing business through digital initiatives, and in supporting...

Tourism satellite account 2021

This report provides a picture of the role tourism plays in New Zealand, with information on the changing levels and impact of tourism activity.

The fiscal implication of 'levelling up' and UK governance devolution

This document explores the likely financial and fiscal issues arising in the relationships between central and sub-central governments.
Working paper

Incentive regulation, productivity growth and environmental effects: the case of electricity networks in Great Britain

This paper analyses the productivity growth of electricity transmission and distribution networks in Great Britain and how changes in incentive mechanisms have influenced the measured total factor productivity.
Working paper

International migration to New Zealand historical themes and trends

This document aims to identify common or recurring themes in New Zealand’s immigration policy and key turning points.

Primer to New Zealand's immigration system

This document describes the main features of the temporary and permanent immigration systems and the interactions between the two.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: We fact checked Barnaby Joyce on the relative size of fossil fuel exports.

Some Nationals MPs have expressed concern about the impact that cutting emissions to zero in net terms by 2050 would have on Australia's resources industries, particularly coal. RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates. Verdict: Mr Joyce's claim doesn't stack up.

Te Waipounamu and Asia: South Island business connections with Asia now and in the future

The purpose of the research is to gain an understanding of the breadth and depth of links between South Island businesses and Asia.

Markets are moving: the economic costs of Australia's climate inaction

This report looks at the economic impact that carbon border tariffs could have on Australia’s economy if appropriate measures are not taken to act on climate change now, in line with other key trading allies.
Briefing paper

The tale of Goldilocks and the three fears (about the minimum wage)

This article recommends that the New Zealand Government commission impartial research on a series of issues that continue to be raised in discussions of the minimum wage in New Zealand. The purpose of this research is to build an agreed fact base upon which debate...