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Australian investment in education: higher education

This report analyses the funding trends of Australia's university sector over the past decade. The report includes modelling of the projected impact on international student revenue of Australia's border being closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Analysis of costs and savings of proposed reforms to higher education

This evaluation of the Australian government's recently-announced reform package finds that the proposed changes are highly disruptive to the operation of universities who are already grappling with major disruptions due to decreased international student demand. These impacts have resulted in significant job losses in the...

Victorian schools: determining and distributing funding

This paper looks at funding flows from the Australian and Victorian governments to government and non-government schools.
Discussion paper

Job-ready graduates: Higher Education Reform Package 2020

This discussion paper outlines how public investment in higher education will focus on 'national priorities,' and tailor a system that delivers for students, industry and the community. The Morrison Government says the changes are aimed at driving the nation’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Universities always said we were racists, now look at their dilemma

Our universities have long ceased being institutions interested in the rigorous exercise of freedom or the scientific method and today better resemble elaborate public relations outfits, writes Bella d'Abrera.
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Fact Check: National Tertiary Education Union correct on university class sizes

An advertisement by the National Tertiary Education Union claims there are almost twice as many university students per teacher now than there were a generation ago.
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Fact Check: Michael Daley says NSW Government has closed more schools than it has opened. Is he correct?

Announcing NSW Labor's plan to replace 1,000 demountable classrooms with permanent buildings, Opposition Leader Michael Daley claimed the state government had closed more schools than it had opened.
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Fact Check: Labor says Scott Morrison cut $14 billion from public schools while treasurer. Is that correct?

Labor claims that the Coalition Government axed funding for public schools by $14 billion, an accusation it has pushed through a campaign website.
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Fact Check: Labor Party ad overreaches on Coalition school funding cuts

An education advertisement released by the Federal Government claims every school in Australia will be affected by cuts planned by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.
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Fact Check: Is the Abbott Government cutting $30 billion from school funding?

Opposition education spokeswoman Kate Ellis claims Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne have announced $30 billion in cuts to Australian schools.