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Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements: interim observations

This report outlines the interim observations from the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements. The observations relate to some of the more pressing issues that the Commission expects to address in the final report, which is currently due for release in October 2020.

Final report of the NSW Bushfire Inquiry

Dave Owens, former Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police, and Professor Mary O’Kane, Independent Planning Commission Chair and former NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, led this six-month inquiry, which reviewed the causes of, preparation for, and response to the 2019-20 bushfires.

Building integrity during times of crisis or emergency

These resources aim to help state and local government sectors review and strengthen integrity responses and improve capacity to prevent corrupt conduct during times of emergency and crisis.

How fit were public services for coronavirus?

This report, produced in partnership with the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy, sets out an assessment of how prepared and resilient UK public services, such as the NHS, schools and the police, were for the pandemic.

Australian bushfire and climate plan

This strategy document provides a broad plan and practical ideas for governments, fire and land management agencies and communities to help us mitigate and adapt to worsening fire conditions. The plan’s 165 recommendations include many measures that can be implemented right now, to ensure communities...

The Australian Disaster Resilience Index: a summary

Research has developed the first, national snapshot of disaster resilience to help governments, local organisations and emergency services improve their communities’ resilience to natural hazards. This summary report outlines the detailed research behind the Australian Disaster Resilience Index.
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Issues paper: firefighting and emergency services personnel and equipment

This paper provides a brief overview of some of the issues that affect firefighters and other emergency service providers, and poses a number of questions concerning how they are recruited, trained and supported; how their equipment is managed; how they communicate during an emergency; and...

A Pacific disaster prevention review

This report argues that taking stock of regional achievements in disaster risk reduction policy and practice is important, alongside identifying the areas where the region needs to focus most in the coming years.
Discussion paper

Issues paper: local governments and natural disasters

Local governments will often have a more detailed understanding of their local communities and resources than other levels of government. They may be a key source of information for their communities. Emergency response services also commonly rely on the knowledge, support and expertise of local...

RDA COVID-19: Recommendations and guidelines

These detailed guidelines are supplemented with higher level recommendations aimed at the other stakeholder groups who need to work together with the researchers and data stewards to realise the timely and open sharing of research data as a key component of pandemic preparedness and response.
Briefing paper

Background paper: Australian inquiries and reports concerning natural disasters

The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements has, to date, identified more than 240 formal analyses completed since 1927, resulting in thousands of findings and recommendations.
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Issues paper: Constitutional framework for the declaration of a State of National Emergency

This issues paper explores legal and constitutional questions surrounding the concept of a declaration of a 'state of national emergency' by the Commonwealth of Australia, and how this might operate and interact with existing state and territory emergency management frameworks.

National emergency and disaster response arrangements in Australia: a quick guide

Each Australian state and territory has generic emergency and disaster response legislation which authorises officials to declare emergencies in a variety of circumstances and make orders to deal with an emergency. This guide explains the arrangements for the response phase, and identifies the various decision-making...
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Community resilience: is empathy possible in an online world?

With crisis management, disruptions to a sense of belonging and rising digital dependency, Sally Hussey asks whether empathy is possible in an online world.
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Emergency planning and response: issues paper

Australia is currently in the midst of an unprecedented emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic, following the summer bushfire crisis. The purpose of this issues paper is to invite information from the public on emergency planning and response.
Working paper

Aboriginal peoples and the response to the 2019-2020 bushfires

This paper presents some initial information about the Aboriginal population that has been affected by the 2019–2020 bushfires.

2019–20 bushfires: quick guide

This guide provides a short overview of the 2019-20 fire season in Victoria, as well as the government response to date.

Applying information for climate change adaptation planning and decision making in the Pacific: situation analysis

This report presents the findings of a situation analysis of information for climate change adaptation planning and decision making in the Pacific carried out by the Griffith University Climate Change Response Program (GCCRP).
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Leveraging media coverage of disasters to support disaster risk reduction

The news media can shape post-disaster policy debate by directing the attention of policy makers toward problems and solutions. This content analysis of newspaper coverage around two of Canada’s most significant floods reveals that the media are more focused more on the short-term impacts of...
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The paramedic workforce in rural, regional & remote Australia

Data on the paramedic workforce for this fact sheet has been taken from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Paramedicine Board statistics, while the jurisdictional ambulance services data has been derived from the Report on Government Services (ROGS).