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Enterprise agreements
Enterprise bargaining agreements
Briefing paper

How non-union agreements suppress wage growth – and why the Omnibus Bill will lead to more of them

This report illustrates how the Morrison Government's omnibus industrial relations bill will lead to a significant increase in employer-designed enterprise agreements (EA) that reduce workers' pay and conditions, rather than improve them—signalling a return to the WorkChoices pattern of EA-making and putting further downward pressure...
Working paper

No free lunch: higher superannuation means lower wages

This working paper uses administrative data on 80,000 federal workplace agreements made between 1991 and 2018 to show that about 80 per cent of the cost of increases in super is passed to workers through lower wage rises within the life of an enterprise agreement...
Briefing paper

Collective bargaining “reform”: What does business want? And what would actually fix the system?

This paper compiles the various proposals advanced by employers, and shows that together, they would constitute a thorough reorientation of Australia's collective bargaining system.
Discussion paper

Is declining union membership contributing to low wages growth?

This paper concludes that trends in unionisation rates are unlikely to have contributed materially to the decline in wages growth in recent years. It is important to note that this conclusion is limited to only the most direct channel in which unions influence wages -...

A plan for a stronger Australia

This plan, aimed at creating a more resilient Australia, proposes measures to reform infrastructure planning, regional planning, higher education and vocational training, enterprise bargaining, income taxes, electricity policy, and more.

Fair pay agreements: supporting workers and firms to drive productivity growth and share the benefits

The New Zealand government formed a Fair Pay Agreement Working Group to provide recommendations on the design of a sector-level bargaining system, in order to establish minimum terms and conditions for all workers in an industry or occupation. This report group's recommendations.

Implementation of the Australian government’s workplace bargaining framework

The objective of this audit was to assess the Australian Public Service Commission’s and selected entities’ implementation of the Australian government’s workplace bargaining framework.

On the brink: the erosion of enterprise agreement coverage in Australia’s private sector

Australia’s enterprise bargaining system is crumbling rapidly in private sector workplaces, according to the findings in this report from the Centre for Future Work.