Entertainment industry


Communications and media in Australia: how we watch and listen to content

This report explores how Australians watch and listen to online and offline content and services, including the devices used.

Cultural creation and production in the Inner West LGA: a case-study needs analysis

This report includes case studies of 11 venues in the Inner West LGA to enhance understanding of the needs and challenges faced by creative space operators in the area. The case studies were compiled through observational site visits and semi-structured interviews with 16 space managers...

Measuring the Australian night time economy 2016-17

The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCCLM) has developed a globally unique statistical tool which captures the scale, diversity and direction of the development of local, state and federal Night Time Economy (NTE) activity in Australia. The NTE in Australia continues to be a...

The economic contribution of the screen industry

Industry assistance schemes are seen sceptically in New Zealand policy circles but the NZIER modelling shows that the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, as the price of admission to international screen productions, positively influences the wider economy.

Skin in the game: producer offset 10 years on

With the Producer Offset now 10 years old, this report collates the experiences of producers and broadcasters to analyse its effects in a time of continued change.
Discussion paper

Night time economy discussion paper

This document proposes ideas to develop the City’s future NTE Strategy – a framework that will further encourage the City at night as a vibrant, diverse and welcoming space.

Mapping culture: venues & infrastructure in the City of Sydney

This report was commissioned to assist the City of Sydney in developing a greater knowledge of its cultural infrastructure through a process of classification and mapping of the City’s cultural venues. Its multi-layered database assists with the design of the most appropriate and effective policies...

Working in the Australian entertainment industry: final report

This report was conducted by Entertainment Assist in partnership with Victoria University. The research project was an innovative and extensive in-depth investigation into the wellbeing of those Australians who work, create and perform in the entertainment industry.

The economic and cultural value of live music in Australia 2014

This report provides a valuation of the economic, social and cultural contribution to the Australian community of the Australian Live Music Industries. The valuation employs a cost-benefit analysis framework that draws on a national survey of consumers; interviews with venue owners and operators; and currently...

Night time economy strategy: promoting the safety, vibrancy and functionality of Yarra at night 2014-2018

The City of Yarra is renowned for its dynamic night life spread across a number of precincts, principally Collingwood and Fitzroy (Smith, Gertrude, Brunswick and Johnston Streets) and Richmond (Victoria, Church and Swan Streets and Bridge Road). In addition at night, activities such as leisure...

Time use on recreation and leisure activities, 2006

This publication presents summary data on how people choose to spend their time, with a focus on activities conducted during free time, that is, the time allocated to social and community interaction and recreation and leisure activities.

Attendance at selected cultural venues and events, Australia, 2005-06

How do we like to spend our leisure time? This ABS reports indicates that 65% of people aged 15 years and over went to the movies at least once in 2005-06. Over one in five movie-goers (23%) went more than ten times. After the movies...