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Environmental science

Conference paper

Air pollution and water problems in Australia’s urban environments: merging science and environmental management

This paper focuses on two major environmental problems in Australian cities, air pollution and water, and discusses possible management strategies.

Our Knowledge Our Way in caring for Country

These guidelines are a key output from a project of the Australian government’s National Environmental Science Program (NESP), Northern Australia Environmental Resources (NAER) Hub, titled Knowledge Brokering for Indigenous Land Management.
Working paper

Assessing the efficiency of environmental policy design and evaluation: results from a 2018 cross-country survey

In this working paper, the authors argue that if stringent environmental policies can be designed in a way that minimises economic burdens, they can facilitate the achievement of economic and environmental goals and a cleaner growth model.

A review of mine rehabilitation condition setting in Western Australia

Rehabilitating land following mining is a major and growing issue for Western Australia, with around 2.5 million hectares of land currently under an active mining lease. This project collected and analysed publicly available information on the conditions for mine site rehabilitation in Western Australia.

Global sustainable development report 2019

This report presents an objective assessment of where the world is falling short and what needs to be done. The report highlights entry points to leverage interlinkages and accelerate progress across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It helps bridge the gap between knowledge and policy...

Taking stock on climate

As policy in Australia begins to move, Michael Jacobs surveys the international climate landscape - the latest science, the emissions targets and what’s happening on the ground.