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Intensive farming
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Fact Check: Does a farmer die by suicide every four days in Australia as Bob Katter says?

Federal MPmBob Katter claims a farmer commits suicide every four days in Australia.

The changing landscape of protein production: opportunities and challenges for Australian agriculture

The Australian agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries industries supply the animal and plant-based protein needs of many people domestically and globally. This study focuses on the implications for Australian agriculture of the opportunities and challenges of an emerging market for alternative (i.e. non-traditional) proteins in the...
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The effects of drought and climate variability on Australian farms

The current drought has renewed longstanding discussions around the emerging effects of climate change on agriculture, and how governments can best help manage climate risk. This publication provides some insight into the issues involved.
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Right to farm laws: an update

This issues backgrounder updates the 2015 e-brief 'Right to farm laws', focusing primarily on significant developments in Australia.

Winter grazing taskforce: final report and recommendations

This report provides 11 recommendations to improve animal welfare in intensive winter grazing farm systems.

Drought in Australia

Drought is an enduring feature of the Australian climate. It is a recurring and challenging experience for farmers and rural communities.The Australian government wants local farmers to continue to be successful and to maintain their competitive advantage.

NFF National drought policy

This policy document prioritises objectives and outcomes that enhance long-term preparedness, sustainability, resilience and risk management for farming businesses and farming communities in Australia, in order to minimise the impact of drought.

The Napil Rural Training Centre, Tanna Vanuatu: an evaluation report

Increasing the productivity of traditional farming systems in rural areas such Middle Bush on Tanna, Vanuatu will require concerted extension and training effort. The situation found at Middle Bush is seen as the ‘face of the future’ for much of rural Melanesia.
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Agricultural research and farmer organisations in the Pacific

This policy brief outlines a decentralised research model which utilises Farmer Organisations (FOs) and is proving to be an effective way to respond in a practical way to the specific challenges facing Pacific island farmers.