Financial System Inquiry (FSI)


Working paper

The Value of Bank Capital Buffers in Maintaining Financial System Resilience

The Australian Financial System Inquiry (FSI) has identified ways to improve the efficiency and resilience of the Australian banking system. In particular, bank capital levels are expected to be unquestionably strong. However, limited empirical guidance on the size of such buffers exists. We analyse the...
Working paper

Balancing competition and stability in Australian retail banking

The Australian Government initiated two major reviews in 2014: the Financial System Inquiry and the Competition Policy Review. These have highlighted policy trade-off between competition and financial stability. Since the global financial crisis, policymakers and economic researchers internationally have highlighted the need for prudential regulation...

Financial System Inquiry - Submission III

CIFR has invested in three high quality FSI Workshops addressing each stage of the Financial System Inquiry. This submission summarises the key issues discussed at our third FSI Workshop, held at the Westin Hotel in Sydney on 11 March 2015, and provides feedback on many...
Working paper

Financial System Inquiry topical analysis

Summary This research paper describes the merit of developing a text analytics engine to index public submissions to the recent Financial System Inquiry (FSI). Public inquiries such as the FSI typically involve processing a substantial number of documents, with content that represents a diverse range...

Financial System Inquiry - Submission II

CIFR is in a position to draw on its capabilities and network to provide independent and objective research and views. In this submission we address aspects of the Interim Report with observations and views supported by output from CIFR-funded research. The content of this submission...

Financial System Inquiry - Submission I

CIFR has undertaken some text analysis to gain a better understanding of the submissions received by the FSI. A total of 298 FSI submissions have been received, from 233 unique contributors.Professional industry associations (25%) represent the major single source of submissions. The number of submissions...