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Foreign debt



The pandemic and the economic crisis: a global agenda for urgent action

This interim report focuses on actions that need to be taken immediately to get the pandemic under control and to ensure a prompt and robust recovery. It takes an explicitly global perspective on these issues, with particular attention to what the international community needs to...

Ocean of debt? Belt and Road and debt diplomacy in the Pacific

This analysis reviews the evidence surrounding China’s debt practices in the Pacific and the extent to which they have contributed to rising debt sustainability risks in the region.
Working paper

China's overseas lending

This paper documents the surge in China’s capital exports to the rest of the world during the past decades. While China’s dominant footprint in world trade is well known, its expanding role in global finance is poorly documented and understood. This paper helps fill this...

Samoa NGO support fund: a review for NZAID

The goal of the NGO Support Fund Review was to identify a long-term direction and rationale for Government and donor engagement with NGOs and civil society. The Review also considered the NSF within a context of the developing roles of NGOs and civil society and...