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Gender gap

Gender pay gap

Mind the (graduate gender pay) gap

This report looks at the scale of the gender pay gap between male and female graduates and the factors that may influence this. It finds the overall graduate gender pay gap is not wholly accounted for by subject of study, type of university attended, prior...
Policy report

Issues relating to the economic security for all Australian women – a white paper (June 2018) update

This white paper focuses on the latest data and research, with a focus on the key issues in gender financial equality. It has revamped and updated where necessary the recommendations from the 2018 white paper that attempted to set a framework for greater economic security...

2019 gender attitudes survey

This report provides the results for the 2019 Gender Equality Survey. This survey was undertaken in order to update the baseline 2017 survey.
Working paper

Fired and pregnant: gender differences in job flexibility outcomes after job loss

The main motivation of this paper is to assess whether gender-related persistence in job flexibility outcomes, as measured by work hours and commuting distance, prevents further closing of gender gaps.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Ita Buttrose correct: Glass ceiling still exists in Australia

Australian of the Year Ita Buttrose claims the lack of women in Prime Minister Tony Abbott's cabinet shows the glass ceiling still exists in Australia and that women are yet to break through it.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Have women become better educated whilst the gender pay gap hasn't budged?

While Australian women's educational attainment has steadily increased over the past two decades, the gender pay gap has been "in neutral for 20 years", says Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Has the gender pay gap shrunk under the Coalition Government's policies?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison claims that the gender pay gap has shrunk to a record low under the policies of the Coalition Government.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Do young, childless women earn more than men?

American academic and commentator Kay Hymowitz claims childless women in their twenties in the US earn more than men.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Do big companies run by a Peter, a Michael, a David or an Andrew outnumber those run by women four to one?

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick said: "There are fewer big Australian companies that are run by women than by men named Peter."
Literature review

Literature scan of unpaid work - a Pacific gender perspective

Pacific peoples in New Zealand are more likely than the rest of the country’s population to engage in unpaid and voluntary work. For this reason, this literature scan has been undertaken to identify research published since 2010, on the nature of unpaid work that is...