Value creation

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Value chain
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Multi-dimensional approaches to the development of sustainable real estate valuation principles

The aim of this paper is to discuss the philosophy of value and valuation methods described for sustainable real estate development within its dimensions. The so-called sustainable real estate has to power the highest and best use with functionality, energy efficiency, resource intensity, environmental compatibility...
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Study on HOPE Management Mode of Coal Enterprises Based on Systematic Thinking

The extensive management mode of coal enterprises is no longer applicable to the demand of enterprise development under the new economic situation. Combined with the characteristics of coal mine production, based on the system of thinking, integration of lean, people, comprehensive, job management theory, formed...
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Framework for progressive evaluation of lean construction maturity using multi-dimensional matrix

Lean is a culture-based management system essentially aimed at waste elimination, thereby creating value for the customer. It is a transformation journey and to evaluate the progress on this journey at any time, the achieved state of maturity has to be assessed. We argue that...

Performance-based specifications for sustainable pavements: A Lean engineering analysis

Lean concepts, though born in the manufacturing industry, have since made their way to the construction industry. In a broad sense, lean concepts aim at minimizing waste and maximizing value which can be related to cost, quality, and time. These aims are in-line with sustainable...
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Using post-occupancy evaluation of housing projects to generate value for municipal governments

This article presents a value-generation framework for municipalities through the adaptation of the Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS) to the municipal management process. Said process includes the use of learning loops from previous projects to revamp municipal management during design revision, construction supervision and commissioning...
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Stakeholder value evolution, capture and assessment in AEC project design

The success of a design lies in its ability to fulfill client values. However, the ambiguity in identification of values by clients renders the task complex and challenging. The investigation of the dynamics involved in stakeholder definition of the project values entails the need for...
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Ecological effectiveness as an essential quality requirement of innovational construction

Nowadays it seems to be very essential to develop national construction industry by implementation of innovative technologies. As an object of innovational construction 'Smart house' or 'green building' demonstrates the latest advances in ecological building materials, energy-saving structures and lean-technologies. According to the concept of...
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Practitioners' perception of value in construction

Value delivery is basically the main purpose of construction, and in fact it is not the physical construction in itself that a client buys but the attributes or value the building provides. This value delivery is undertaken in a complex endeavour of collaboration. Throughout a...

A Portfolio/Process/Operations (PPO) analysis of a meta-project production system in renovation projects

The Portfolio/Process/Operations (PPO) model is a novel approach to understanding the elements that impact production systems in the world of construction. Building on prior work such as the "Transformation-Flow-Value" (TFV) theory, the PPO model adds a multi- and meta-project view through its consideration of the...
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Lean production of cost optimal wooden nZEB

The paper studies lean construction as a co-operational way of working to achieve nZEB targets and good indoor climate and to find new innovative combinations of building solutions. Main target of this paper is to assess energy efficiency, resource efficiency and economics of lean wooden...