Governance of superannuation funds


Retirement Income Review: final report

This review report covers the current state of the superannuation system and how it will perform in the future as Australians live longer and the population ages. The review considered the incentives for people to self-fund their retirement, the fiscal sustainability of the system, the...
Policy report

Your future, your super

Australia’s $3 trillion superannuation system is the fourth largest in the world and is responsible for managing the retirement savings of 16 million Australians. This document outlines some reform options to make the superannuation system better for members.

Net zero momentum tracker: superannuation sector - September 2020

This report highlights the actions of 20 Australian superannuation organisations, and the commitments they have made to address emissions funded through their investments.

Super in the economy 2020

This report shows industry super funds’ investment performance has added billions of dollars to members’ retirement savings and deepened Australia's national savings pool, helping protect the economy during downturns. The report includes forecasts based on the present legislated scenario of small, incremental increases in the...

Resolution of disputes with financial service providers within the justice system

This inquiry explored the ability of consumers and small businesses to exercise their legal rights through the justice system, and whether there are fair, affordable and appropriate resolution processes to resolve disputes with financial service providers.

Superannuation - assessing efficiency and competitiveness: Productivity Commission inquiry report

This report assesses the efficiency and competitiveness of Australia’s superannuation system and whether better ways to allocate defaults are needed.

Rivers of gold: how the trade union movement is funded by industry super

This report highlights the need for reform to the superannuation system to ensure that governance structures are such that fund members’ interests are protected.

$1 trillion in super fund assets hidden from the public

Would you buy a house, not knowing what suburb it’s in? Or how many bedrooms it has? Or if it’s new or old? That’s what many of Australia’s largest super funds are asking you to do with your money – trust them. For many people...

Market Forces superannuation survey: 2016

This was an online survey. The survey was in the field from Monday 15th August to Friday 19th August 2016. The survey fieldwork was conducted by the Online Research Unit (ORU). Data tables were prepared by Essential Research. The target population for this research was...

Industry super and the Australian economy

This report highlights Australia’s not-for-profit industry super funds are effectively leveraging the scale and long-term investment horizon to invest in real economy assets which have been the foundation of superior member returns.