Government expenditure

Alternate Term Label:
Government spending policy
Public expenditure
Policy report

Lower company tax to resuscitate the economy

This paper argues that ongoing policy initiatives focused on governments borrowing in order to stimulate the economy, particularly through consumer spending, will fail to revitalise the long-term productive capacity of the Australian economy.

Equitable recovery strategies

This report outlines a longer-term policy programme, which includes Green and Integrated Public Healthcare System Deals, which should be an integral part of global economic recovery or stimulus plans.

Managing consultants: a guide for working with consultants in government

This guide attempts to provide high-level and practical tips for those in government working with consultants, rather than offering detailed analysis of the government’s use of consultants or recommendations for reform.

The Recovery Book: what Australian governments should do now

This publication is a policy and strategy blueprint for federal, state and territory governments, including for hospitals and health care, schools and universities, roads and trains, budgets and energy.

Management of agreements for Disability Employment Services

The audit objective was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Social Services’ arrangements for managing Disability Employment Services provider agreements.
Discussion paper

The reconstruction memorandum: building back better or just bigger?

This discussion paper from the Australia Institute outlines how Australia could emerge from the COVID-19 crisis as one of the richest countries in the world, while gaining long-lasting benefits from economic stimulus projects and a renewed faith in the effectiveness of democratic governance.

Borrowing to save: retirement income policy after COVID-19

Public debt is expected to rise from 19% of GDP in 2019 to nearly 54% by 2024 and remain elevated for decades to come. This report argues there is one area where evidence suggests significant savings could be made, with little impact on public policy...

Safety on Victoria's roads—regional road barriers

This audit examines whether Victoria’s regional road barriers program has met its intended safety outcomes.

Debt won’t hurt us

Australians can lay to rest concern over incurring and repaying government debt, as new research shows urgent spending required in response to the COVID-19 pandemic will not create a debt burden, and therefore should not provoke future austerity measures to ‘repay the debt.’

The decades of disruption: new social risks and the future of the welfare state

A number of major disruptive forces will transform life in the United Kingdom and globally in the 2020s and beyond, creating a new set of social risks.