Government services


COVID-19 Australian government roles and responsibilities: an overview

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a constantly evolving situation and the Australian government’s response involves a diverse range of activities and measures undertaken by a variety of Australian Public Service departments and agencies.
Policy report

One‑stop shops for citizens and business

One-stop shops have emerged as a way for governments to provide better services and improve regulatory delivery to citizens and business. This publication offers a set of practical considerations for designing, operating, and reviewing one-stop shops.

Behavioural government: using behavioural science to improve how governments make decisions

Governments are increasingly using behavioural insights to design, enhance and reassess their policies and services. This report explores how this happens – and how any bias can be addressed or mitigated. To do this, this report focuses on three core activities of policymaking: noticing, deliberating...

Expenditure on children in the Northern Territory: study report

This report looks at how the safety and wellbeing of children in the Northern Territory can be improved. The focus is on how the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments can work better together to fund services.
Discussion paper

The budget surplus objective

This paper outlines how the Australian government’s objective of achieving a budget surplus ignores the consequences of such an economic strategy—leaving Australian taxpayers to bear the burden of less government services, despite paying their taxes.

Impact of changes to service delivery models on the administration and running of government programs

This report recommends that the Australian government assess all current and future proposals for outsourcing government services against a ‘public interest test’, which includes flow-on economic and employment impacts.

Face to face with digital exclusion

This report highlights the challenges faced by people across a broad range of demographics and the barriers they encounter when dealing with government services online. It highlights that ‘digital' is not always best and that retaining ‘human’ services is a critical part of ensuring that...

Ko Te Wā Whakawhiti: it's time for change

The Māori Inquiry into Oranga Tamariki was launched as a result of the continued inaction by the New Zealand Government to respond to ongoing serious issues in relation to the treatment of tamariki (children) Māori and whānau (extended family).

Digital frontrunners: country spotlights 2019

New technology, ageing populations, and globalisation are driving some of the biggest changes in labour markets around the world. This report provides a snapshot of how the 'digital frontrunner' countries are delivering a digital economy for all.
Working paper

Scope and funding of local government: an international comparison

The scope of local government in New Zealand and its sources of revenue (mainly property taxes) are much more constrained than in most other high-income countries. This paper compares New Zealand with other high-income countries in the distribution of functions across central and local government...