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The changing role of local government in Australia: national survey findings

The aim of this report is to analyse public perceptions on the changing role of local government in Australia.
Working paper

Effects of digitalization on the human centricity of social security administration and services

The author of this working paper argues that there is no substitute for sound, evidence-based policy development to support a human-centric approach to social policy and government to service delivery. To enhance the benefits from AI while minimising the adverse risks, social security administration needs...
Briefing paper

Developing an improved myGov for all Australians

This paper is based on ideas from a formal roundtable discussion, hosted by InnovationAus in Canberra late in 2022, on behalf of the myGov Taskforce.

Evaluation of NSW community-based mental health programs: Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative Plus

The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative Plus (HASI Plus) is a program for people with severe mental illness and significant difficulties managing day to day living. The Ministry commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) to evaluate the HASI Plus program. This is the report...

Charting the course to tomorrow’s trusted digital services

This report focuses on how leaders in Australia are adapting their approach to delivering services effectively and efficiently, in a fashion that leverages digital technology and builds public trust. The report draws on the findings of an expert roundtable with senior leaders from a variety...

Young adults' experiences with Australian public services: final report

This report presents the findings of a large-scale, mixed-methods study of youth transitions in Australia, with a particular focus on young people's experiences with public services.

Trust in Australian public services: 2022 annual report

The survey results outlined in this report show that trust in government public services in the past year is higher than before the COVID-19 pandemic.
Policy report

OECD Good practice principles for public service design and delivery in the digital age

The digital age provides great opportunities to transform how public services are designed and delivered. This publication provides a clear, actionable and comprehensive set of objectives for the high-quality digital transformation of public services.

Human-centricity in digital delivery: enhancing agile governance

This report makes recommendations to help governments to work together, and with external partners, to build competencies for redesigning public services in a way that benefits the users of those services.

5-year Productivity Inquiry: innovation for the 98% - interim report

The Productivity Inquiry focuses on the enablers of productivity growth in a modern, market-based and service-oriented world. This third interim report explores how encouraging innovation across the vast majority of Australian businesses and in the government sector can improve Australia's productivity.

Accelerating government innovation with leadership and stimulus funding

This report explores various ways that executives can leverage stimulus funding to incentivise success across multiple innovation and data roles, and drive forward work from those roles into digital service development and delivery. The author also develops a framework with specific recommendations for how leaders...
Working paper

Beyond outsourcing: re-embedding the State in public value production

Public Value Theory emerged within a broader public administration paradigm that called for the re-centering of the State in the identification and management of public activities. In this paper, the authors argue that the dis-embedding of the state from the production of public value undermines...

Digital transformation plan

The Northern Territory government is enhancing the delivery, convenience and accessibility of digital government services through the launch of this 'Digital Transformation Plan'. The plan continues the government’s digital transformation journey towards a more streamlined and convenient service for Territorians and businesses.

State commissioning strategy for community services: implementation plan 2022-2024

This document outlines the strategic role commissioning will play in transforming the delivery of community services in Western Australia.

Report of the Inquiry into support for older Victorians from migrant and refugee backgrounds

Throughout this inquiry, the Committee heard about many barriers preventing culturally diverse older people from accessing the services they need when they need them. This report draws upon comprehensive evidence received from expert stakeholders and people with lived experience to make 61 findings and 76...

Does size matter? The impact of local government structure on cost efficiency

This paper aims to improve the evidence base on local government performance in New Zealand, focusing on the cost efficiency of council infrastructure and service provision.

Collaborative networks: the next frontier in data driven management

This report aims to provide guidance on how governments can work with each other and with partners to address complex, boundary-spanning problems such as poverty, homelessness, hunger and climate change, by bringing together organisations to address complex client needs that could not be served by...
Discussion paper

Looking beyond Indigenous service delivery: the societal purpose of urban First Nations organisations

This paper analyses the quantitative findings of a three-year mixed-method research project developed in partnership with six urban First Nations organisations in New South Wales.

Victorian government report in multicultural affairs 2020-2021

This report records the many programs and initiatives delivered across government to help multicultural and multi-faith communities progress in what was an extremely challenging year.
Working paper

Serving citizens: measuring the performance of services for a better user experience

Societies are changing fast, driven by population ageing, climate change adaptation, digitalisation and the changing world of work, among other trends. Governments face the challenge of investing to adapt to these trends, while continuing to ensure that public services remain accessible, responsive and of good...

Automated legal guidance at federal agencies: report for the Administrative Conference of the United States

When individuals have questions about federal benefits, services, and legal rules, they are increasingly seeking help from government chatbots, virtual assistants, and other automated tools. This report describes the results of a qualitative study of automated legal guidance across the US Federal government, which included...

Accountability and justice: why we need a Royal Commission into Robodebt

The Income Compliance Program impacted hundreds of thousands of people and, for many, resulted in devastating emotional and psychological harm. It has undermined many people's financial security, as well as their willingness to engage with and trust government services. This inquiry report recommends that the...

Agile government: the role of public affairs education

The most significant challenges facing public administration today include the isolation of public servants, the rigidity of the administrative and regulatory systems in which they operate, and the lack of opportunity to develop relevant and emerging competencies. This report is intended to initiate a dialog...
Working paper

Better data for the delivery of grant funded social services

This paper aims to provide an overview of what is currently known about the extent of use of grants programs by the Australian government to fund the delivery of social services, challenges and opportunities for service delivery, and outcome measurement and performance management.

Business continuity during COVID-19

The Victorian government delivers a wide range of services that are vital for Victorians’ economic, financial and social wellbeing. It is important that the government can keep these services running during a disruption. This audit investigated if business continuity arrangements enabled the continuation of essential...