Great Barrier Reef

Fact sheet

Fact Check: Banning dumping of dredge spoil on the Great Barrier Reef

A recent move by the Federal Government to ban the disposal of dredge spoil near the Great Barrier Reef has been met with scepticism by environmental campaigners concerned for the health of the reef.

State party report on the state of conservation of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area (Australia)

This report outlines Australia’s response to Decision 41 COM 7B.24 of the World Heritage Committee. The report outlines how the Australian government is attempting to address the pressures facing the Great Barrier Reef.

Review of World Heritage assessments in Great Barrier Reef outlook report 2019

This review was tasked with considering the adequacy of the assessment of World Heritage values in the 2019 Great Barrier Reef outlook report, and to outline any recommendations for improvement.
Journal article

Evolving polycentric governance of the Great Barrier Reef

Global sustainability depends on robust environmental governance regimes. This article argues that it's vital to anticipate and account for change in designing, implementing, and evaluating sustainable environmental governance.

Great Barrier Reef outlook report 2019

The Great Barrier Reef region is core to Australia’s identity and improving its outlook is critical. This 2019 report is the third comprehensive report in the series, and identifies that the region still faces significant pressures, ranging in scale from local to global.

Great Barrier Reef 2050 Partnership Program

An inquiry into the 2018-19 Budget measure, the Great Barrier Reef 2050 Partnership Program.

Award of a $443.3 million grant to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

The objective of the audit was to assess whether the award of a $443.3 million grant to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation was informed by appropriate departmental advice and a thorough processes that complied with the grants administration framework.

Great Barrier Reef: Partnerships for the future

Like reefs all over the world, the Great Barrier Reef is under pressure. A big challenge demands a big response and, during the International Year of the Reef 2018, the Australian government is investing an additional half a billion dollars in its health and resilience.
Discussion paper

Banking against the Reef: climate change and funding for the Great Barrier Reef

This paper explores the fossil fuel divestment movement and, on the other side of the coin, the fossil free investment movement. In addition to the benefit of aligning investments with an organisation’s purpose, it finds the returns available on local and international fossil free investment...

Reef 2050 long-term sustainability plan - July 2018

This updated reef plan, released by the Australian and Queensland governments, is the overarching framework for protecting and managing the Great Barrier Reef until 2050.