Health equity

Alternate Term Label:
Healthcare access and equity
Health justice
Discussion paper

A new generation medicines policy: improved access and equity for New Zealanders

The purpose of this discussion paper is to help stakeholders understand and consider the issues when developing a new generation medicines policy, so that it is fit for the future.
Briefing paper

Addressing racism to improve healthcare outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: a case study in kidney care

Action is urgently needed to address the immense health disparities in kidney disease outcomes suffered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who have at least six times the age-standardised incidence of end-stage kidney disease requiring treatment as non-Indigenous Australians.
Position paper

Unmet legal need will worsen people’s health during COVID-19

There will be people in Australia for whom the indirect impacts of COVID-19 could be as dire as the virus itself. This position paper outlines recommendations on how to mitigate against this situation.

Joining the dots: 2018 census of the Australian health justice landscape

Health justice partnerships are collaborations that embed legal help into healthcare settings, joining the dots between the legal and social problems that make or keep people unwell. Findings from a 2018 survey on the health justice landscape are outlined in this report.

Achieving equity in health outcomes: summary of a discovery process

This report provides a brief summary of phase one of the Achieving Equity Work Programme: The Discovery Phase. The aim of the discovery phase was to identify where practical and coordinated effort could be undertaken to achieve a measurable shift in health equity in the...
Discussion paper

Service models on the health justice landscape: a closer look at partnership

This paper explores what takes a health justice partnership beyond ‘status quo’ services in terms of purpose, structure, activity and resourcing, and notes points of difference with other service models on the health justice landscape.

Partners in care: the benefits of community lawyers working in a hospital setting

Medical and legal practitioners have had a shared understanding for many years that the integration of services improves access to justice for vulnerable people. The view that access to legal assistance within a hospital is beneficial to the patient is supported by the findings of...

Public spending on health: a closer look at global trends

Global spending on health is growing fast, accounting for 10% of global GDP, but out-of-pocket expenses are still pushing many people into poverty.
Policy report

Snakes & ladders: the journey to primary care integration

A strong primary health care system is fundamental to increasing efficiency, reducing hospitalisations, lowering health inequalities and ultimately improving health outcomes for all Australians. The recommendations in this report outline the right settings for system change, critical to transform our health system and strengthen consumer-centred...

Mapping a new path: the health justice landscape in Australia, 2017

Health justice partnerships are part of a growing movement that is seeing health and legal services working collaboratively to address a previously unmet legal need. Yet, until now, there has been no reliable data about the number, nature and scope of health justice partnerships across...