High-speed rail

High speed rail


Fairer funding and financing of faster rail

This report highlights the importance of faster rail investment in Australia’s economic recovery, and proposes a fairer and more sustainable funding approach.

Fast train fever: why renovated rail might work but bullet trains won’t

This report shows that while a bullet train may be a captivating idea, it’s not realistic for Australia. Our population is small and spread over vast distances; the countries most like us – Canada and the United States – don’t have bullet trains either.
Conference paper

The influence of Melbourne-Sydney intercity high-speed rail on spatial accessibility: an analysis of current proposals

This paper explores the influence of high-speed rail development on spatial accessibility in southeastern Australia. The aim is to understand how current proposals for intercity high-speed rail would distribute accessibility improvements across regions between Sydney and Melbourne. Special attention is given to spatial effects in...
Briefing paper

Inland rail industry briefing: May 2018

Inland Rail is the largest rail freight infrastructure project in Australia’s history. This briefing aims to provide information about opportunities for private sector participation in Inland Rail, current scheduling, an overview of the social performance requirements for businesses to work on Inland Rail.

Management of the pre-construction phase of the Inland Rail programme

The objective of this audit was to examine whether value for money is being delivered by the Australian Rail Track Corporation’s (ARTC’s) management of the Inland Rail pre-construction program.
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Less infrastructure will be built in the next 4 years: IPA

Prime Ministers have long turned to a big vision when trying to shore up their stocks with voters or their own party. That usually means throwing their support behind big infrastructure projects, like fast trains or second airports. $75 billion has been committed to infrastructure...

Harnessing value, delivering infrastructure: inquiry into the role of transport connectivity on stimulating development and economic activity

Improving transport connectivity, and finding innovative ways to pay for transport infrastructure, is essential to the future development of Australia’s cities and regions.
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A closer look at the high-speed rail link between Sydney and Melbourne

The idea for a high-speed rail network between Sydney and Melbourne has been talked about for decades. This time around, the plan has a bit of weight behind it, receiving backing from some pretty serious names. The privately funded project would build eight new regional...

Inland rail 2015: Melbourne to Brisbane inland rail

This report to the Australian Government sets out a strategic analysis of the need for Inland Rail as one potential solution to the future freight task along the Melbourne–Brisbane corridor and includes the main features of a business case for Inland Rail developed during 2014...
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Fact Check: Kevin Rudd's high speed rail, parental leave cost comparison is unsound

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd claims building a high speed rail project from Brisbane to Melbourne by 2035 would cost less than the Coalition's paid parental leave scheme for the same period of time.

High speed rail study: phase 2 report

The report identifies a potential route for high speed rail (HSR) between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane, estimates the costs and benefits, and investigates issues such as construction, patronage, environmental, and urban and regional development.

High speed rail: benefits that add up

This report argues that Australian could gain $48 billion of benefits from adopting high speed rail. High speed rail (“HSR”) now exists on every continent except for Australia and Antarctica. There is a great deal of international experience and analysis available to assess the likely...