Home care

Briefing paper

Community first social care: care in places people call home

Additional funding for social care is important. The system has suffered significant cuts and cannot be improved without a funding deal. This briefing makes a contribution to the evidence and policy thinking on what should come alongside funding proposals. It outlines how combining funding reform...

Accessible design, hospital discharge and ageing in place: a national survey of occupational therapists

This report is the second of two studies investigating accessible housing conducted through the Summer Foundation–La Trobe University research program, to inform decision-makers on incorporating minimum mandatory accessibility standards in the 2022 National Construction Code (NCC).

Nature and extent of gender-based violence in individualised disability support and aged care services in Victoria

This scoping study, conducted for WorkSafe Victoria, reports on available evidence on the nature and extent of gender-based violence in individualised disability support and aged care services in Victoria. The study also explores what is known about the circumstances in which working conditions may provide...

Issues facing providers of social care at home to older rural residents

This paper explores the extent to which older people in rural areas have the opportunity to access high quality social care at home, supporting them to live independent healthy and fulfilling lives. It focuses in particular on the challenges presented to council commissioners of home...
Conference paper

Stakeholders’ perspectives towards age-friendly housing

The overall wellbeing of elderly populations can be achieved not only by improving the healthcare facilities but also by proper planning of their housing requirements to support them to age in place as well.

Choosing care: the difficulties in navigating the Home Care Package market

Affordable, effective and quality care is essential to Australia’s ageing population and the growing number of older people choosing to age in place. This report offers a range of insights into the barriers experienced by older Australians and their carers in evaluating and accessing home...

Social care: free at the point of need

Adult social care is one the most important public services in the UK. For hundreds of thousands of people it provides vital care and support. This paper looks to set out what a bold and comprehensive reform package would look like – building on the...

Older people living well with in-home support

Involving ‘consumers’ in an investigation of the way aged care services are delivered is recommended as a means of improving the quality of these services. In a system where the perspectives of government, bureaucrats, providers and professional groups dominate policy and practice, it is helpful...

Accentuating the positive: consumer experiences of aged care at home

Finding that most seniors receiving aged care at home think workers treat them with respect, meet their personal care and support needs, and are well trained, this report also argues that better coordination between home care and health services is required, along with improvements to...

End of life at home: co-creating an ecology of care

Over 200 primary carers, and members of formal and informal caring networks across Australia, were interviewed for this study on end of life at home care. They participated in individual carer interviews and focus groups in eight urban and regional locations.