Home insurance


Northern Australia insurance inquiry: final report

In 2017, the Australian government directed the ACCC to conduct a wide-ranging inquiry into the supply of residential building (home), contents and strata insurance in northern Australia. This final report brings together all of the analysis and recommendations made throughout the three year inquiry, setting...

Social justice and the future of fire insurance in Australia

Major bushfires are now occurring with increased frequency. This means that houses will be more at risk than ever and Australia will have to decide whether the current purely market-based mechanism is the best means of protecting people’s homes.

Australia's general insurance industry: sapping consumers of the will to compare

This report argues that accessibility, transparency, affordability and competition are crucial features of a well-functioning general insurance market.

Buyer beware: home insurance, extreme weather and climate change

As climate change is mixing with natural variability to increase the risk of damage to Australian homes, this paper provides a snapshot of how the home insurance industry is responding to climate risk. Overview In many parts of the country, climate change is mixing with...