Housing density


Supporting affordable housing supply: inclusionary planning in new and renewing communities

There is growing interest in the potential for inclusionary planning approaches to help deliver affordable housing supply in Australian cities and regions. Within wider government strategies for affordable housing supply, inclusionary planning approaches can play a role in requiring or incentivising dwelling units, land, or...
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Metropolitan planning Australia: urban consolidation

This paper discusses past urban consolidation policies in Australia, and disputes claims made planning authorities.
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Equitable Density - report 1 - the building scale

This report on the building scale considers the most important issues in both individual dwellings (e.g. apartments) and higher density buildings as a whole, and how these can influence the quality of life of lower income and vulnerable residents.
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Equitable Density - report 2 - neighbourhood scale

Higher density multi-unit residential developments, such as townhouses and apartment buildings (henceforth ‘higher density housing’), have become an increasingly common feature of Australian cities. Across the country, 2016 marked the first time when construction began on more higher density housing than detached houses. New South...
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Equitable Density - report 3 - metropolitan scale

This report focuses on policies, processes and economies that operate at the regional scale and their impact on lower income and disadvantaged households. It considers policies that affect the structural features of housing markets, policies and investment affecting urban regions, and the governance arrangements that...

Housing supply outcomes from codification in Sydney

The NSW Government is using codification to encourage housing supply in Sydney. The codification is designed to override local housing design, volume and location controls, where these are perceived to obstruct higher residential density. The codification replaces local design rules with statewide standards, and merit...

Draft medium density design guide: tools for improving the design of medium density residential development

The NSW Government is seeking feedback on the draft Medium Density Design Guide. The Design Guide is intended to assist in achieving better design and planning outcomes for low-rise, medium-density housing. It provides guidance and criteria for designing and assessing these developments. The Design Guide...
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How should housing densities be determined? A comparative analysis of Brisbane and Copenhagen

What housing densities should we aim for? The determinants of housing densities can be thought of as either internal or external to habitation.
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Tapping the potential or cramming them in: developing new tools to assess the suitability and capacity of densification for South East Queensland

A form of policy consensus has emerged in Australian planning in recent years which demonstrates all the characteristics of a planning doctrine. The broad thrust of this doctrine is urban densification and is identified as a solution to a wide range of urban ills.
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Sustainable Australia: containing travel in master planned estates

The following study examines the patterns and dynamics of movement in a selection of master planned estates in Australia.