Crystal meth


Minimising the harms from methamphetamine

Harmful methamphetamine use has become a serious and intractable health issue in Aotearoa New Zealand over the past 20 years. The paper begins by providing an overview of how methamphetamine is used, by whom and why, how big the market is, what the harms are...

Declines in methamphetamine supply and demand in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic

This study uses data from the Drug Use Monitoring in Australia program to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the methamphetamine market in Australia.

COVID-19 pandemic constricts methamphetamine supply in Perth

This study examines the methamphetamine market and prevalence of methamphetamine use in Perth during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Report collection

Special Commission of Inquiry into the Drug ‘Ice’: issues papers

The Special Commission of Inquiry into the Drug ‘Ice’ published four Issues Papers, which are intended to be read together and to provide guidance to individuals and organisations interested in the Inquiry as to the issues that the Special Commission will investigate.

Is methamphetamine use associated with domestic violence?

There is considerable evidence of the impact of methamphetamine use on violent behaviour. This paper presents findings from a review of existing research on the association between methamphetamine use and domestic violence.

The methamphetamine market: police detainee perspectives

The data in this report was collected as part of the Australian Institute of Criminology’s Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) program, which is a quarterly collection of criminal justice and drug use information from police detainees at multiple sites across Australia.

Inquiry into crystal methamphetamine (ice): final report

The purpose of report is to examine the treatment and harm reduction measures that are in place in Australia to assist crystal methamphetamine ('ice') users, their families and communities.

Commonwealth law enforcement international engagement methamphetamine disruption strategy

This strategy provides a framework for the Australian government’s international engagement to encourage interdepartmental cooperation towards disrupting the supply of crystal methamphetamine and its precursors into Australia.

Inquiry into crystal methamphetamine (ice): first report

This report's focus is on law enforcement, or supply reduction measures to address crystal methamphetamine (ice) use in Australia.
Briefing paper

Assessing the utility of Project STOP in reducing pseudoephedrine diversion to clandestine laboratories

Evaluates the utility of Project STOP in reducing the diversion of PSE-based products to clan labs. Foreword Project STOP, an online database in which pharmacists record sales of pseudoephedrine (PSE)-based medication, was implemented in 2005 to aid in reducing the diversion of PSE-based products for...
Journal article

“Ice” (crystal methamphetamine): concerns and responses

Describes a pattern of increasing use of methamphetamine over the past decade. Summary There is no cause to feel impotent, despite disturbing media reports about methamphetamine. Methamphetamine has been around for some time. Although it is now available in a crystal form that is more...

Final report of the National Ice Taskforce 2015

The National Ice Taskforce was established on 8 April 2015 to advise the Government on the impacts of ice in Australia and drive the development of a National Ice Action Strategy. The Taskforce presented its interim findings to the Council of Australian Governments on 23...

Trends in methylamphetamine availability, use and treatment, 2003–04 to 2013–14

There have been several corresponding trends in the availability, use and treatment of methylamphetamines since 2003–04. Following a decline between 2006–07 and 2009–10, there have been increases across many factors relating to methylamphetamines to 2013–14. Arrests, seizures and detections have all increased. Users are now...

The challenge of synthetic drugs in East and South-East Asia and Oceania

The demand for synthetic drugs in East and Southeast Asia and Oceania continues to rise, while rapid economic integration is creating new opportunities for transnational criminal groups to expand the illicit drug trade, warns the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in this...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Are 80,000 Victorians using ice?

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews claims about 80,000 Victorians used the drug ice in 2014.

The Australian methylamphetamine market: the national picture

The Australian Methylamphetamine Market provide a concise understanding of the nature of organised criminal involvement in the Australian methylamphetamine market. The report consolidates open source information with operational and strategic intelligence to inform the Australian public on what the Australian Crime Commission sees as a...

Ice action plan

On 4 March 2015, the Premier released Victoria's Ice Action Plan. The plan delivers a package of $45.5 million in new funding, including:

Findings from the DUMA program: impact of reduced methamphetamine supply on consumption of illicit drugs and alcohol

This paper presents an analysis of retrospective self-reports from methamphetamine users (police detainees) on the impact that periods of reduced methamphetamine supply had on reported consumption of methamphetamine, alcohol and other illicit drugs. Introduction Changes in illicit drug availability have been shown to impact users’...

Report of the Inquiry into the supply and use of methamphetamines, particularly ice, in Victoria

Whilst methamphetamine use as a generic category may have stabilised over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the use of crystal methamphetamine the more potent and dangerous form of the drug, particularly by young people between 20 and 29 according to...

Increase in use of methamphetamine: Findings from the DUMA program

The latest DUMA data shows that the continuing decline in methamphetamine use since 2004 has ended, with rates of use among police detainees increasing in both 2010 and 2011. Twenty one percent of police detainees in 2011 tested positive to methamphetamine—up from 16 percent in...

Crystal clear: The social determinants of gay men's use of crystal methamphetamine in Victoria

This monograph offers a comparative analysis of epidemiological, behavioural and social research on crystal methamphetamine use among gay men living in Melbourne and gay men living in other urban centres in Australia, the US, and the UK. It includes a survey of local expert opinion...