Indigenous constitutional recognition

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Aboriginal recognition

Three years on from Uluru, we must lift the blindfolds of liberalism to make progress

The proposed constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament was rejected; treaty remains a dream, and the Australian people appear generally indifferent to historical introspection.
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Fact Check: Were Indigenous Australians classified under a flora and fauna act until the 1967 referendum?

Indigenous actor Shareena Clanton claims her mother, was not considered a human being until the "referendum came through from the flora and fauna act in 1967."
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Fact Check: Linda Burney says Australia is the only first world nation with a colonial history that doesn't recognise its first people in its constitution. Is she correct?

Amid debate over Indigenous constitutional recognition, Labor Opposition spokeswoman for Indigenous Australians, Senator Linda Burney, claims that of all the first-world nations with a colonial past, Australia alone has failed to acknowledge its original
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Fact Check: Does a formal no case sink a constitutional referendum?

Indigenous academic Marcia Langton claims constitutional recognition of Indigenous people will fail if conservatives lead a 'no case' against a proposed referendum.

Australia's human rights scorecard: joint NGO submission on behalf of the Australian NGO Coalition

This report was written in collaboration with human rights experts across Australia, and it represents the collective knowledge of Australia’s leading NGOs on the current state of human rights in Australia and will inform the four yearly review of Australia’s human rights record by the...

Garma 2018 festival report

The 2018 Garma Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary, hosted by the Youth Yindi foundation. This report outlines some of the festival's highlights.

Constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians must involve structural change, not mere symbolism

Megan Davis writes that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples do not seek symbolism, and certainly not in the constitution, which distributes power across the federation. They seek change that can make a concrete difference to their lives.

The Voice to Parliament isn’t a new idea - Indigenous activists called for it nearly a century ago

When one reads the Uluru Statement of the Heart – and its call for a Voice to Parliament – it is important to recognise this is not a new fight. In fact, Aboriginal people began making demands for a political voice nearly a century ago.

Garma 2019 report

The 2019 Garma Festival, hosted by the Youth Yindi foundation, had nearly 40 companies and government agencies in attendance, with more than 450 participants, making 2019 the biggest attendance rate to date. This report outlines some of the festival's highlights.

The government’s ‘new page’ on Indigenous policy is actually just more of the same

Though the federal government emphasises partnerships, accountability and evidence-based policies, Morrison is actually taking a selective and top-down approach. He is also ignoring key Indigenous advice and evidence.