Indigenous health

Alternate Term Label:
Aboriginal health
Indigenous health workers
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Understanding the client characteristics of Aboriginal residential alcohol and other drug rehabilitation services in New South Wales, Australia

This study is the first multi-site description of clients of Aboriginal community controlled residential rehabilitation services in Australia and internationally.

“He’s never coming back”: People with disabilities dying in Western Australia’s prisons

This report examines the cases of eight people with disabilities who died in custody in Western Australia between 2015 and 2020, six of whom were Aboriginal people.
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What are the resourcing requirements for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care research project?

This article explores the findings of a research project that aimed to determine the validity of a previously developed culturally adapted depression screening tool for Indigenous people.
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Assessing the support of health leadership for increased Indigenous participation in the health workforce

The aim of this study was to assess the strength of leadership statements in Australian state and territory policy documents supporting increased representation of Indigenous people in the health workforce.
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family access to continuity of health care services in the first 1000 days of life: a systematic review of the literature

This literature review explores factors that contribute to continuity of care and considers service features that contribute to positive care experiences and satisfaction with care received by Aboriginal women and their infants.
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Strengths-based approaches for quantitative data analysis: a case study using the Australian Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children

This paper describes and empirically evaluates a set of strategies to support strengths-based quantitative analysis relating to Indigenous health and wellbeing.

Institutional racism: audit of South Australia’s Local Health Networks

The consequences of institutional racism can have a serious effect and has been widely recognised as needing to be addressed. This report summarises the outcome of the Health Performance Council’s work in this area in South Australia.

Institutional racism matrix audit of South Australia's ten Local Health Networks

The purpose of the report is to assess the levels of institutional racism that Aboriginal people are subject to in South Australia’s local health networks (LHN).
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Changes in the age young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people start smoking, 2002–2015

This article aims to analyse trends in smoking initiation and prevalence among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (Indigenous people) to identify which stages of adolescence and young adulthood prevention activities should target.
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Improving the engagement of Aboriginal families with maternal and child health services: a new model of care

The purpose of this paper is to outline the Early Assessment Referral Links (EARL) concept that was trialled in the Glenelg Shire in Victoria, Australia (2009–2014) to improve the engagement of Aboriginal families in maternal and child health (MCH) services.