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Economic regulation

The Regulation Policy & Practice Collection is designed for practising regulators across Australia and New Zealand to: understand the context in which regulators and regulations operate; provide timely, curated access to relevant reports; and to support learning from other regulators.
Journal article

Reigniting tobacco control: returning Australia to the front of the pack

This article raises concerns about growing use of e-cigarettes, warning that vaping importers and retailers are exploiting an exemption for non-nicotine products in regulations, and nicotine-containing products are masquerading as non-nicotine products.
Policy report

Emerging privacy-enhancing technologies: current regulatory and policy approaches

This report examines privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), which are digital solutions that allow information to be collected, processed, analysed and shared while protecting data confidentiality and privacy. The report reviews recent technological advancements and evaluates the effectiveness of different types of PETs, as well as the...
Policy report

Building trust in AI: a landscape analysis of government AI programs

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD’s) website on artificial intelligence (AI) policy (the OECD.AI Policy Observatory) is the world’s best source for information on public policies dedicated to AI, trustworthy AI and international efforts to advance cooperation in AI. The author’s review of...
Discussion paper

2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy: discussion paper

This discussion paper has been released to seek public and industry feedback to enhance the development of the Australian government's 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy.

Smart TVs and local content prominence

To support policy development, this report presents detailed evidence about local content prominence on smart TVs. This research has been conducted as part of an Australian Research Council project, and is independent of any industry funding.

Privacy Act Review report 2022

This report is the culmination of two years of extensive consultation and review of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The review was instigated following the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s 2019 Digital Platforms Inquiry final report, which made several privacy recommendations.

Business models, consumer experiences and regulation of retirement villages

This research looks at the appeal, benefits and disadvantages of living in retirement villages, as well as at the business models employed and how the Australian government can help the sector to expand.

Nature positive plan: better for the environment, better for business

This document forms the Australian government's response the Independent Review of the EPBC Act, conducted by Graeme Samuel in 2021. It sets out the government’s commitment to reform Australia’s environmental laws to better protect, restore and manage Australia's unique environment.

State of the disability sector 2022

National Disability Services' State of the disability sector' report for 2022 is based on responses from 364 disability service providers who took part in this national, annual sector survey. The report reveals a difficult operating environment for most providers. However, there are some glimmers of...

Regulation of residential tenancies and impacts on investment

This report reviews the evidence-base about factors impacting and shaping rental investment. It also reviews the state of residential tenancies laws across Australia, and presents options for a renewed reform agenda.
Discussion paper

Review of consumer protections for future energy services

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is undertaking a review of the retailer authorisation and exemption frameworks to assess whether the current energy consumer protection framework remains fit for purpose in a transitioning energy market. The AER believes the current regulatory framework will not be fit...

Regulating Victoria’s native forests

This audit examines whether the Victorian Office of the Conservation Regulator (OCR) effectively regulate timber harvesting operations in the state.

Regulated electricity network prices are higher than necessary

Electricity networks are expensive businesses to run. In Australia, the economic regulation of electricity networks is undertaken by the Australian Energy Regulator. This report presents a range of recommendations to address the unnecessarily high profits being made by electricity distribution service providers.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Roundtable: report for stakeholders and further actions

This summary report outlines key themes and actions from the Professional Standards Councils’ Roundtable on professional standards schemes and indemnity insurance.

Robbed at sea: endemic wage theft from seafarers in Australian waters

This research finds that seafarers working on foreign-registered freight ships in Australian waters face regular theft of wages and other entitlements due to legal loopholes and poor enforcement of labour standards.
Briefing paper

Operating Warragamba Dam for flood mitigation: current legal and regulatory barriers

After 28 years without a major flood, the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley has experienced three major floods in the past three years. A proposal to raise the Warragamba Dam wall for flood mitigation in the Hawkesbury-Nepean is currently being assessed for development. This e-brief describes some of...

Responsible investment benchmark report Australia 2022

This report details the size, growth, depth and performance of the Australian responsible investment market from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021, and compares these results with the broader Australian financial market as well as concerns around the quality of sustainability claims and the...

EPA climate change policy: draft for consultation

This draft policy document has been prepared to send a signal to regulated industries that the NSW EPA will be working with them to support and drive cost-effective decarbonisation, while implementing adaptation initiatives that build resilience to climate change risks.
Draft report

Climate change action plan 2022–25: draft for consultation

The NSW EPA is taking action to protect the environment and community from the impacts of climate change, and will work with industry, experts and the community. This draft plan has been released for public comment.

Australia's green tape army

Agriculture embodies the values of hard work, risk-taking and entrepreneurship - the values which are central to the Australian way of life. This report reveals that since 2000, the size of the federal environmental bureaucracy has grown three times faster than the agricultural sector itself.

Review of The Star Pty Ltd

The Bell Review was established to assess The Star’s suitability to hold a casino licence and to examine compliance with its legal obligations. The review was activated under sections 30 and 143 of the Casino Control Act 1992 and began in November 2021. The report...

Vaping regulation in 2022: identifying gaps in the regulation of e-cigarettes

E-cigarette products present a novel challenge to regulators in the United Kingdom. However, policies encouraging e-cigarette use need careful designing to avoid causing negative outcomes. This report explores this dilemma and, in identifying a number of clear gaps in the regulation, recommends what measures should...

First mover movement: making the most of Australia’s hydrogen opportunity

Australia is in the midst of a remarkable energy transition. With the election of the Albanese Government, Australia is now targeting net-zero emissions by 2050. This report argues that such a transformation creates profound opportunities for Australia – a country that has always enjoyed advantages...
Discussion paper

Fuelling efficiency

Fuel efficiency standards in Australia have been recommended by two separate government inquiries, committed to by multiple governments but never adopted, and recommended in multiple government reports stretching back over a decade. This paper argues that introducing fleet fuel efficiency standards would reduce transport emissions...