Infectious diseases

Alternate Term Label:
Communicable diseases prevention
Contagion and contagious diseases
Contagious diseases
Infectious disease management
Microbial diseases in human beings
Notifiable disease management
Zymotic diseases

Public attitudes on vaccine distribution

The aim of this paper is to summarise the results from a survey experiment on a probability-based, representative sample of the Australian population during mid-August 2020, that tested explicitly the relative weight that Australians put on different characteristics of individuals, in terms of who should...
Policy report

Medical capacity: an alternative to lockdowns

This paper argues that lockdowns and social distancing regulations introduced to manage the health concerns associated with COVID-19, have imposed significant social, economic and institutional costs, while being of debatable efficacy.
Policy report

Economic scars: how the lockdowns have permanently disfigured the Australian economy

The economic crisis caused by lockdown measures in response to COVID-19 has distorted the Australian economy. The economic costs of lockdowns have not been equally shared across the country. This paper outlines five key pieces of evidence that lockdowns, rather than freezing the economy in...

Democracy under lockdown: the impact of COVID-19 on the global struggle for freedom

The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled a crisis for democracy around the world. Based on a survey of 398 journalists, civil society workers, activists, and other experts, as well as research on 192 countries by Freedom House’s global network of analysts, this report provides an in-depth...

Aged care and COVID-19: a special report

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the greatest challenge Australia's aged care sector has faced. Those who have suffered the most have been the residents, their families and aged care staff. This report makes six recommendations, among them - a requirement that the Australian government report...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Tony Abbott says Victoria's coronavirus lockdown is the most severe tried in the world outside Wuhan. Is he correct?

Former prime minister Tony Abbott labelled Victoria a "health dictatorship" and called for its COVID-19 restrictions to be eased, claiming the state responded to its second wave of coronavirus infections with "the most severe lockdown tried anywhere in the world outside of Wuhan". Verdict: Mr...

Is participation in early childhood education related to child health and development?

The benefits of early childhood education continue to be debated in Aotearoa New Zealand. Although attendance is not compulsory, almost all New Zealand children attend an early learning education (ECE) service for a period of time before starting school or kura. Using data from the...

Economic impacts of COVID-19 on the City of Melbourne: final report

This report describes the forecast economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on both the City of Melbourne and Victoria, highlighting a range of response actions for the government in rebooting the Victorian economy.

Go for zero: how Australia can get to zero COVID-19 cases

This report outlines the health, social, and economic costs associated with three different scenarios: widespread COVID-19 infections, lockdowns, and low-level community transmission. It argues that Australia can minimise the costs to the community over time by taking steps to drive active COVID-19 cases down to...

Decision making in a crisis

The coronavirus pandemic required the UK government to take high-stakes decisions under conditions that make good policy making hard. This report examines three key groups of decisions made by the government in its early response to the pandemic: the economic support package, the commitment to...