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Ecological effectiveness as an essential quality requirement of innovational construction

Nowadays it seems to be very essential to develop national construction industry by implementation of innovative technologies. As an object of innovational construction 'Smart house' or 'green building' demonstrates the latest advances in ecological building materials, energy-saving structures and lean-technologies. According to the concept of...

The construction productivity imperative

Our research estimates that 98 percent of megaprojects suffer cost overruns of more than 30 percent; 77 percent are at least 40 percent late. This article discusses 15 practices that can help to improve productivity in the three phases of project delivery - concept and...
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Tolerance compliance measurement using terrestrial laser scanner

Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) provides remote sensing and a quick and comprehensive technique for deviation analyses. Its application for precision surveying purposes is becoming a common practice. There are many interdependent parameters that determine whether the accuracy obtained during the data collection and registration is...
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Innovation in the New Zealand construction industry - Diffusion of the Last Planner System

Globally, the development, diffusion, and adoption of innovation within the construction industry has been shown to occur at significantly slower rates than other industries. This is due to a number of complexities which define the construction industry itself. One particular innovation which appears to be...
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Management of electrical modernization in construction with the comparison between standard and flexible approach in the economic aspects

Modern LED lightning technology has many advantages and many building administrators and owners are considering modernization of lightning system. Modernization can be done in many ways, also using flexible and agile methods. Article describes new approach of flexible management of electrical modernization with comparison to...
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An exploratory study on lean teaching adoption rate among academia and industry in Indian scenario

Construction sector is undergoing a paradigm shift with the adoption and implementation of new technologies concepts. One among these concepts is Lean Construction, which improves productivity, allocation of construction drawings, detailing, time management, costs control, people management and safety at construction sites. For the effective...
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Platform ecosystems: Unlocking the subcontractors' business model opportunities

Platform ecosystems facilitated by the internet are changing the way market mechanisms work. The platform ecosystem business model, using data and network effects, creates new rules for how value is created and delivered. The viral growth characteristic to platform ecosystems has already caused disruption in...
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Exploratory investigation of challenges and expectations of innovative quantity surveyors and quantity surveying firms in Ghana

The purpose of this study is to identify the expectations and challenges of quantity surveyors and the quantity surveying profession (QSP). This paper makes an original contribution to the field by describing the challenges the QSP faces in the construction industry and providing theoretical views...

Technological change and the future of work

The document reports the findings from a government inquiry into technological change, disruption and the future of work.

Towards a thriving digital resource ecology with teachers

This scoping and co-design research project establishes how teachers in Victorian government schools and key stakeholders engage with digital educational resources primarily in teaching and learning and, to a lesser extent, in professional learning contexts.