Intergenerational trauma

Transgenerational trauma

Victorian Government Aboriginal affairs report 2020

This report is intended to keep government accountable for improving outcomes for and with Aboriginal Victorians, as well as ongoing work to progress Aboriginal self-determination.

Make healing happen: it's time to act

This report provides an insight into the experiences of Stolen Generations survivors, and the extent and complexity of their contemporary needs as they grow older. It presents demographic data about where Stolen Generations survivors and their families live, and it considers the impact of forced...

'The answers were there before the white man come in'

This First Nations-led and governed research report voices the experiences and recommendations of First Nations communities and service providers across Australia on family and community violence.
Journal article

An exploration of interventions for healing intergeneration trauma to develop successful healing programs for Aboriginal Australians: a literature review

This article explores literature about Indigenous people from around the world to seek interventions which have been successful in healing intergenerational trauma.
Journal article

Trauma and violence informed care through decolonising interagency partnerships: a complexity case study of Waminda’s model of systemic decolonisation

This journal article is a nested case study describing a decolonisation approach to health and social services implemented by Waminda South Coast Women’s Health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation.

They’re Our Whānau

This research reports on Māori perspectives of New Zealand's justice system.

Children living in households with members of the Stolen Generations

This report presents analyses of selected outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who live in households with members of the Stolen Generations. It shows these children are more likely, than comparable other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, to experience a range of...

Bringing Them Home 20 years on: an action plan for healing

Australia’s ageing Stolen Generations are still struggling with the impacts of unresolved trauma, and need a new policy approach to assist them and their families to heal.

Applying a We Al-Li Educaring framework to address histories of violence with Aboriginal women

The nature of violence experienced by many Aboriginal women is multi-layered, complex and incorporates a history of intergenerational loss, grief, trauma and the impact of colonisation, as discussed by Atkinson, C (2008). It involves women, children, families, communities. It is a story about people, many...