International students

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Foreign students
Overseas students

As if we weren't humans

This report presents findings from a July online survey of 6,105 international students and visa holders, on their experiences in Australia during COVID-19.
Blog post

The impact of COVID-19 on Australian higher education and overseas students—what do the numbers say?

This post provides an overview of some key data to understand the status of the higher education sector prior to COVID-19, and the emerging impact of the pandemic.

The experience of international students before and during COVID-19: housing, work, study and wellbeing

This report, drawing on two surveys, one conducted before and one during the COVID-19 pandemic, examines the circumstances of international students in the private rental sector in Sydney and Melbourne.

Australian investment in education: higher education

This report analyses the funding trends of Australia's university sector over the past decade. The report includes modelling of the projected impact on international student revenue of Australia's border being closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

UK universities and China

Edited by Michael Natzler, this collection of essays provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges faced by higher education institutions engaging with China. The collection covers a wide range of issues, from the importance of UK-China scientific research and the recruitment and integration of...
Briefing paper

International students vital to coronavirus recovery

This Mitchell Institute issues paper highlights the far-reaching implications across many Australian communities and industries of a collapse in international student numbers.

Universities always said we were racists, now look at their dilemma

Our universities have long ceased being institutions interested in the rigorous exercise of freedom or the scientific method and today better resemble elaborate public relations outfits, writes Bella d'Abrera.
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Fact Check: Would reducing international student visas create university places for Australians?

Senator Fraser Anning of Katter's Australian Party says migration is a "critical problem" facing the nation, and used his controversial maiden speech to argue for a big reduction in student visas, which he claims would create more university places for Au
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Fact Check: Christopher Pyne exaggerates Labor's international student 'failure'

Federal Education Minister, Christopher Pyne claims since 2008 Labor has shrunk the international student industry by about a quarter.
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Affordability and availability in Melbourne’s self-organizing student housing markets

The State of Victoria houses over 200,000 international students. Inadequate or unaffordable housing can adversely impact the academic success and personal well-being of these students, making their housing an important issue for both education and urban policy.