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COVID-19-Social science research during a pandemic

A huge number of epidemiological, clinical and laboratory studies have been published to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic crises and the findings from these studies are helping policy makers to understand how best to manage the current and future clinical and public health responses. In addition...

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Lifestyle interventions through participatory research: a mixed-methods systematic review of alcohol and other breast cancer behavioural risk factors

The carcinogenic nature of alcohol has been known for over twenty years; however, this has failed to translate into significant behavioural, practice, or policy change. This systematic review examines peer-reviewed research studies where participants were involved in the research process and the outcomes related to...
Systematic review

Effectiveness of public health measures in reducing the incidence of covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 transmission, and covid-19 mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis

The aim of this paper is to review the evidence on the effectiveness of public health measures in reducing the incidence of COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 transmission, and COVID-19 mortality. Results 72 studies met the inclusion criteria, of which 35 evaluated individual public health measures and 37...
Systematic review

Interventions in out-of-home care: an updated evidence and gap map

This report summarises the findings from an updated systematic search for high-quality evidence of the impact that different out-of-home care (OOHC) interventions have on particular child and youth outcomes. These have been mapped to create an evidence and gap map.
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Family violence prevention programs in Indigenous communities

Family violence needs to be understood within broader contexts as both a cause and effect of social disadvantage and intergenerational trauma, poor parenting, and substance misuse. It remains a critical social policy issue, placing a huge burden on communities, especially women and children. Although relevant...
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What happened, how, why and what mattered: Three case studies from a low-income residential energy efficiency intervention program

This is a study of an energy retrofit program for the homes of low-income, elderly or frail householders in Victoria, Australia. Warmth, heating energy consumption and householder satisfaction are discussed. These cases highlighted how the interaction of the material quality of the home, householder capabilities...