Islamic State


Working paper

Typology of terror - the backgrounds of Australian jihadis

In order to better understand what motivates Australian radical Islamists to join or support a terrorist group it is first necessary to get a better understanding of who they are. This working paper examines data sets from 173 Australian citizens and residents to paint a...

The post-caliphate Salafi-jihadi environment

This Strategic Insight reviews the post-caliphate Salafi-jihadi environment, focusing on two issues: the franchising strategy of al-Qaeda and Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the evolving threat of online messaging.

A primer on the ideological and theological drivers of AQ and Daesh: al-Qaedaism

This special report aims to explain the persistent and enduring allure of al-Qaedaism as an ideology that is apocalyptic and conspiratorial.

Terrorism in the Indo-Pacific: Glocalism comes of age

This special report reviews and assesses potential terrorism hotspots in the Indo-Pacific region and offers some policy recommendations for the Australian government.

3rd Australia-Europe counter-terrorism dialogue: ‘Transforming the new threat landscape’

By bringing together senior-level policymakers, experts and political decision-makers from the counterterrorism arena in Europe and Australia, this dialogue, already in its third iteration, created a space for thought-provoking, stimulating exchanges of ideas and expertise that form the basis for innovative approaches and new initiatives.

Syria: Australian military operations

This paper provides a summary of Australia’s military operations in Syria and an overview of key associated issues, particularly those relevant to the Parliament. Many of these matters are also relevant to the conduct of operations in Iraq, but this paper does not specifically address...

"I won't forget this carnage" Civilians trapped in battle for Raqqa, Syria

This report documents how hundreds of civilians have been killed and injured since an offensive began in June (2017) to recapture Raqqa, the 'capital' and main stronghold of the armed group, Islamic State (IS).

At any cost: the civilian catastrophe in West Mosul, Iraq

In the battle against Islamic State in west Mosul, Iraqi and US-led coalition forces failed to take adequate measures to protect civilians.
Audio interview

Global terrorist attacks could step up as ISIS disintegrates: expert

The destruction of Mosul's Al Nuri mosque is another reminder that Islamic State's main victims have been Muslims.

Fear thy neighbor: radicalization and jihadist attacks in the West

This report examines all jihadist-motivated terrorist attacks carried out in Europe and North America since the declaration of the Caliphate by the Islamic State group in June 2014.

Update on Indonesian pro-ISIS prisoners and deradicalisation efforts

Introduction Prison authorities in Indonesia have had a few small successes in managing extremist prisoners, but overall, structural problems of the prison system and inadequate staff continue to defeat efforts at deradicalisation, disengagement and rehabilitation. Despite much donor funding aimed at improving prison management and...

Communication breakdown: unraveling the Islamic State's media efforts

This report breaks down the Islamic State’s media activities through a two-fold approach. First, it examines a small number of declassified documents captured from the group’s predecessors to provide a baseline understanding its present-day media structure and operations. Second, through an examination of over 9,000...

Examining ISIS support and opposition networks on Twitter

This report draws on publicly available Twitter data to examine this ongoing debate about ISIS on Arabic Twitter and to better understand the networks of ISIS supporters and opponents on Twitter.

ISIS in Ambon: the fallout from communal conflict

The personal network of Abu Gar, one man involved in last January's terrorist attack in Jakarta, shows how the communal conflicts in Ambon and Poso continue to haunt Indonesia. This latest report from the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC), traces the violent trajectory...

Exploiting disorder: Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State

The Islamic State (IS), al-Qaeda-linked groups, Boko Haram and other extremist movements are protagonists in today’s deadliest crises, complicating efforts to end them. They have exploited wars, state collapse and geopolitical upheaval in the Middle East, gained new footholds in Africa and pose an evolving...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Is Australia's military contribution to the fight against Islamic State the second largest?

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claims Australia's contribution to the training mission in Iraq of 380 personnel is the second largest after the US, but there is more in the theatre than just training personnel.

ISIS in the West: the new faces of extremism

Immediately following the recent extremist attacks in Paris, this report provides an analysis of the kinds of people attracted to ISIS and other jihad movements from the West.

Beijing, Moscow and Tehran: new partnerships, new alignments, new considerations?

Tehran has reportedly sent around one thousand élite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) troops to back up its proxy Hezbollah forces that are fighting Islamic State terrorists in Syria.

Climate change seen as top global threat

Introduction In advance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris this December, many publics around the world name global climate change as a top threat, according to a new Pew Research Center survey measuring perceptions of international challenges. This is particularly true in...

The future of jihad: what next for ISIL and al-Qaeda?

This report examines what the rise of ISIL means for al-Qaeda and how will it react.