Jury trials

Discussion paper

Jurors, social media and the right of an accused to a fair trial

Jurors’ use of social media and other internet activity during criminal trials is the focus of research underway at the Tasmania Law Reform Institute (TLRI). There has been limited research in this area in Australia and overseas. The prevalence of juror misconduct of this kind...

Jury reasoning in joint and separate trials of institutional child sexual abuse: an empirical study

This report forms part of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse’s research program in relation to criminal justice system’s response to child sexual abuse in institutional contexts. This study investigated the extent to which joint trials with cross-admissible tendency evidence infringed...
Conference paper

Third person singular? Instructing the defamation jury

In most of Australia juries are used in defamation trials to assess whether a publication is defamatory. One commonly used definition of a defamatory publication is that it tends to cause ordinary reasonable people to think less of the plaintiff. By dissecting the concept of...