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Knowledge infrastructures

Conference paper

Information infrastructure and the connected city

This paper briefly reviews the relationship now between ICT and the cities, particularly in Australia, and surveys the role that communication and information infrastructure might now play in the future form and function of cities.
Conference paper

The Greater Sydney knowledge region: a basis for future development

In order to devise effective policies for economic growth and employment development within their jurisdictions, urban authorities need to understand and take account of the knowledge infrastructure available.
Blog post

Evidence-informed policymaking: does knowledge brokering work?

There is an accepted need to bridge the gap between academic research and public policy. Knowledge brokers, individuals or organisations sympathetic to both research and policymaking cultures and able to mediate between the two, represent one way of doing so.
Conference paper

The role of international education and skilled migration in creating the knowledge city: the case study of accounting professionals in Melbourne

Accountancy professionals are used as a case study in this paper to examine the causes behind the growth of knowledge workers within the city’s economy and labour market.
Conference paper

Infrastructure for knowledge productivity: TOD’s in Kansai and Western Australia

Based on empirical research, this paper argues that urban planning and design can positively contribute to sustainable national economic health and work productivity by strengthening local knowledge resources and networks.
Conference paper

Moving towards a knowledge city: Brisbane’s knowledge-based urban development experience

This paper investigates Brisbane's urban development strategies that support generation, attraction and retention of investment and talent in knowledge-based industries.