Land management


The limits of livability

This report warns that worldwide, governments must act to prepare public health systems for the impacts to the public from recurring air pollution episodes from fires caused by the climate crisis, deforestation practices and poor land management.
Working paper

Cultural burning in New South Wales: challenges and opportunities for policy makers and Aboriginal peoples

Drawing on the history of Caring for Country in northern and central Australia, and current developments to support Aboriginal people in southern temperate Australia, this paper maps the challenges and opportunities to support cultural land management programs in New South Wales.

First Peoples and land justice issues in Australia

This report investigates the human rights impacts of companies operating on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land. This report describes the multiple barriers that First Peoples and land rights campaigners face to achieving land justice.
Briefing paper

Background paper: Land management – hazard reduction: a literature review

This literature review focuses predominantly on prescribed burning, which has been used in Australia as the preferred method to reduce fuel loads and fuel continuity and thus has received the most attention in the scientific literature. The paper also canvasses literature related to mechanical fuel...

Northern Land Council: corporate plan 2019/2020 to 2022/23

The purpose of the plan is to provide information about the significant activities which the Northern Land Council (NLC) will undertake over a period of four years, 2019/20 to 2022/23.

Land degradation, desertification and food security in India

India suffers from some of the highest rates of desertification globally. This research argues that it is likely to suffer from extreme biodiversity loss, a decline in living standards and GDP losses unless action is taken to reduce desertification.

Land restoration for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

This report provides science-based reflections to policy-makers, academics and practitioners, highlighting the strategic importance of land restoration efforts for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Avoiding corruption in large scale land-based investments in Sub-Saharan Africa

Conventional, top-down and governance-focused anti-corruption efforts have had limited success in the fight against corruption in developing countries, argues this report. It considers how to develop and strengthen incentive-driven and high-impact anti-corruption initiatives.

Northern Territory Aboriginal land and sea action plan

This action plan identifies 10 actions the NT Government will implement in partnership with key agencies and other organisations. It is designed to better coordinate Aboriginal land and native title matters across the Northern Territory.
Conference paper

Dredging up history

At the time of European settlement, a large proportion of the landscapes around the chosen site of Melbourne comprised permanent wetlands. Initially avoided as places of little economic value or, worse, the sources of diseases, over succeeding decades these swampy areas came to be considered...