Policy report

Financial incentives to promote adult learning in Australia

This report summarises the advantages and disadvantages with various financial incentives to promote adult learning based on international and Australian experience. Drawing from these insights, as well as analysis of individual and firm-level barriers, the report provides policy recommendations for how Australia could reform its...

Learner facing analytics: analysis of student perspectives

The research detailed in this report explores student understandings and concerns in relation to the collection and use of learning analytics.

Keeping children engaged and achieving in writing

This report shares some of the strategies and approaches used by schools that are focusing on improving achievement in writing. It also shares some simple strategies used in classrooms where achievement in writing had been accelerated.
Case study

Sustaining success: a case study of effective practices in Fairfield high value-add schools

This research builds on two earlier CESE publications: High Value-Add schools: Key drivers of school improvement and Six effective practices in high growth schools. These reports identified broad descriptions of which practices make a difference; they did not, however, identify how schools successfully implement these...

Report of the independent review of freedom of speech in Australian higher education providers

This report examines the scope and experience of freedom of speech in Australian universities. The proposes a model voluntary code of conduct and some modifications to the Higher Education Support Act and related Higher Education Standards.

Pacific regional education framework (PacREF) 2018 - 2030: moving towards education 2030

Outlining a transformative and sustainable regional education agenda aligned with global agendas such as the Sustainable Development Goals, this strategy was adopted by Forum Education Ministers in 2018.

Professional learning for school teachers

This audit examines whether the Victorian Department of Education and Training and the Victorian Institute of Teaching have a clear and accurate understanding of the professional learning that occurs in Victorian government schools, including the planning, cost, and impact, so they can target and support...

Making replication work

This article outlines seven observations from a review of initiatives that have replicated their model to increase social impact.

Supply of secondary teachers in STEM-related disciplines

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the NSW Department of Education's workforce plans and strategies in responding to the demand for secondary teachers in STEM-related disciplines.
Literature review

Cognitive load theory: research that teachers really need to understand

This literature review provides an overview of cognitive load theory, which is a theory of how human brains learn and store knowledge. Dylan Wiliam has described cognitive load theory as ‘the single most important thing for teachers to know’. Grounded in a robust evidence base...