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Research note: modelling of the 2022 Coalition and Labor child care policies

This paper provides results of modelling of the distributional impacts of Labor's proposed child care policy and the Coalition's recently legislated child care policy. Both policies are compared to the previous child care subsidy policy.
Position paper

Super for housing inflationary and contrary to retirement income objective

The proposal announced by the federal Coalition to bust open super for first home buyers housing deposits would add tens of thousands of dollars to housing prices and would undermine the retirement savings of all Australians, asserts Industry Super Australia.
Briefing paper

2022 Federal election: refugee policies of Liberal-National Coalition, Labor and the Greens

This briefing provides an overview of the public positions on refugee issues of the three parties with the largest representation in the Australian Parliament – the Liberal-National Coalition, the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens.

How the Coalition can win the 2022 election

Paul Keating’s victory for the 'true believers' in 1993, and Scott Morrison’s 'miracle' win in 2019, stand out as elections during which the leaders successfully harnessed these most human of motivations, writes Mark Kenny.
Blog post

Explainer: everything you need to know about the major parties’ new childcare policies

In this blog post, Owain Emslie takes a look at the child care policies of the Liberal/National Coalition and the ALP in the lead-up to the 2022 federal election.

The lost years: counting the costs of climate inaction in Australia

This report provides a detailed overview of the federal government’s approach to climate change since the election of the Liberal-National Coalition in 2013. The Climate Council's assessment of the government’s climate performance over the past eight years finds there’s been a complete and catastrophic failure...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: We fact checked Barnaby Joyce on the relative size of fossil fuel exports.

Some Nationals MPs have expressed concern about the impact that cutting emissions to zero in net terms by 2050 would have on Australia's resources industries, particularly coal. RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates. Verdict: Mr Joyce's claim doesn't stack up.

2019 Post-election report of election commitments

The 2019 Post-election report provides the budget impact of each of the election commitments made by the major parties in the 2019 general election, and the total combined impact of their policy platforms on the Commonwealth budget.

Little to choose: comparing foreign policies of the major parties

As the federal election draws near, where the major parties and their candidates stand on foreign policy has been fundamentally absent from the public debate. A comparative analysis of the Coalition and the Labor Party’s positions on key foreign policy issues shows there is little...
Position paper

ECCV policy analysis on federal election commitments to seniors from non-English speaking backgrounds

What are politicians saying at this Federal election in relation to seniors from multicultural backgrounds? As part of The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria’s (ECCV) policy advocacy on behalf of seniors from non-English speaking backgrounds, ECCV wrote letters to the Greens, Australian Labor Party, and...

Smart cities

Key Commitments Australia’s cities are home to the majority of our population and responsible for more than 80 per cent of national economic output. Liveable, accessible cities with clean environments are now essential economic assets. In the knowledge economy, people are our greatest resource, and...
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Coalition youth unemployment policy criticised for underpaying young workers

The Coalition youth unemployment policy detailed in the budget includes a training program, a 12-week internship and a subsidy for employers. It was criticised by some who said it would exploit young workers by allowing employers to pay them below the minimum wage. Shadow Minister...
Discussion paper

Australian foreign policy: the Coalition approach

Supported by one of the most professional and dedicated foreign policy bureaucracies in the world, one can rely on any Australian government that wins office to perform their duty to represent our country in a diligent and tireless manner. The difference lies in whether a...

Develop Indigenous business opportunities

Indigenous economic development is at the heart of the national agenda. The Coalition is committed to working with Indigenous people. Our policies will have a greater emphasis on place-based approaches and ensure engagement with Indigenous communities and leaders is central to everything we do.

Upgrade the Cairns Marine Precinct

The Coalition is investing in jobs and growth through our comprehensive plan for an advanced defence industry. We are increasing defence funding over the next ten years and will deliver on our 2013 election commitment to return defence spending to two per cent of GDP...

More jobs and growth through increased trade and investment

Trade and investment create job opportunities for Australians. More than 450,000 jobs have been created since the Coalition came to government. We delivered break-through free trade agreements with China, Japan and South Korea and upgraded our free trade agreement with Singapore. These free trade agreements...

More sport in our schools

2016 election Liberal Party policy on supporting healthier lifestyles through sport. Healthier lifestyles contribute to better and longer lives for Australians. Unfortunately, almost two-thirds of Australians are overweight, including one in four children. Three-quarters of Australian kids spend their spare time watching television, yet only...

Support innovative new businesses and jobs

2016 election Liberal Party policy on the importance of innovation in relation to jobs and growth. Innovation is an important part of the Coalition’s economic plan for jobs and growth. Businesses that invest in innovation are more competitive and more likely to grow and employ...

Build the Flinders Link rail project

The Coalition’s plan for a strong new economy will provide jobs and growth and secure the future for Australian families through smart investment in infrastructure. The Coalition is spending a record $50 billion on road and rail projects across Australia: reducing congestion, improving the liveability...

Protect vulnerable workers

Vulnerable workers need to be protected. Existing laws need to be strengthened. The recent exploitation of vulnerable workers by 7-Eleven, for example, demonstrates that more needs to be done to protect vulnerable workers. The 7-Eleven scandal revealed not only a systemic underpayment of workers, but...

Invest in Queensland's water infrastructure

2016 election Liberal Party policy on supporting investment in Queensland's water infrastructure. Water infrastructure is essential to population growth, sustainable communities, jobs, productivity, and stronger economic outcomes. Every community and industry requires water security to grow and prosper. Many regional and remote communities depend on...

Develop Australia's medical research capabilities

2016 election Liberal Party policy on the importance of science and research in ensuring Australia’s competitiveness and improved standard of living. Science and research are fundamental to Australia’s competitiveness and improved standard of living. The Coalition has a strong record supporting science and research, investing...

Innovation and science agenda (Liberals)

The Turnbull Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda will help create a strong new economy with more jobs, by investing in the talents and ideas of the Australian people. PricewaterhouseCoopers has estimated an innovation focussed Australian economy has the potential to add $37 billion to...

Building Australia's infrastructure (Liberals)

The Turnbull Government is investing a record $50 billion in Australia’s land infrastructure – to improve road and rail links, reduce travel times and support economic growth. The Roads to Recovery funding for local roads has been increased by 83%, to $3.2 billion over the...

Tackling domestic violence (Liberals)

Women and children in Australia must be safe in their homes, safe on our streets and safe online. Domestic and family violence is never acceptable. The Coalition Government is taking action on domestic violence, with a $100 million Women’s Safety Package. Immediate and practical action...