Library and Information Science (LIS)


OA in the open: community needs and perspectives

The forum described here was proposed as a first step in surfacing community requirements and principles toward a collective open access (OA) collection development system. By analyzing focus group feedback, this paper presents the challenges, opportunities, and potential next steps for building an OA collection...

IFLA toolkit for developing national literacy and reading strategies

This toolkit provides guidance and flexible materials for library associations, their members and the wider Library and Information Science (LIS) community when engaging with relevant public authorities, in order to ensure both that literacy receives the attention it needs, and libraries the recognition and support...

IFLA strategy 2019-2024

The IFLA Strategy 2019-24 is a document for the library field, by the library field. It is designed to be a reference point, not only for IFLA’s own Professional Units, headquarters and regional and languages offices, but also for our membership and the library field...

Creating library linked data with Wikibase: lessons learned from Project Passage

This report provides an overview of the context in which the Wikibase prototype was developed, how the platform was adapted for use by librarians, and eight use cases where pilot participants (co-authors of this report) describe their experience of creating metadata for resources in various...

ALIA LIS education, skills and employment trend report 2018

The 2018 report again notes that there will be modest growth in the number of qualified librarian positions over the next five years. In 2018 there were 10 higher Education institutions offering 23 ALIA accredited courses, including Masters degrees, Bachelor degrees, and Graduate Diplomas.

ALIA LIS education, skills and employment trend report 2016

The 2016 report notes there will be a modest increase in the number of qualified positions over the next five years, but a decrease in the number of positions for staff without a library and information science qualification.

ALIA LIS education, skills and employment trend report 2017

This report provides students, educators, employees and employers with an understanding of the national landscape and inform ALIA's actions as the sector’s peak professional body.
Journal article

Publication patterns of U.S. academic librarians and libraries from 2003 to 2012

This study investigated contributions to the peer-reviewed library and information science (LIS) journal literature by U.S. academic librarian (USAL) authors over a ten-year period (2003–2012).

ALIA LIS education, skills and employment trend report 2014

This ALIA report gives educators, employers and students greater clarity about the education and employment landscape in Australia in 2014. Key points:

ALIA LIS education, skills and employment trend report 2015

The 2015 report concludes that baby boomer retirees from the LIS sector are creating the job opportunities for graduates and other entrants to the LIS job market. Educators are in a challenging period, but this isn't restricted to the LIS sector. Data shows that more...