Pastoral industry
Discussion paper

NSW animal welfare reform: discussion paper

This discussion paper outlines the key proposed changes and enhancements to the existing laws. These proposals have been developed to be consistent with the Five Freedoms and Five Domains models of animal welfare, and to reflect best practice in constructing modern legislation.

Feasibility of a national horse traceability register for all horses

This inquiry found that there is overwhelming support across the horse industry for a national horse traceability register in some form. However, one of the primary challenges revealed during this inquiry is achieving consensus across the horse industry of a single, clear rationale for a...

Winter grazing taskforce: final report and recommendations

This report provides 11 recommendations to improve animal welfare in intensive winter grazing farm systems.
Discussion paper

Middle East sheep exports policy options discussion paper

The Department of Agriculture is conducting a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) process to analyse the economic and regulatory impacts of policy options for the future regulation of live sheep exports to, or through, the Middle East. This discussion paper outlines some initial policy option ideas.
Working paper

Transformative adaptation in livestock production systems

This paper focuses on transformative approaches to climate change adaptation in livestock production, including transformative pathways, or sets of discrete actions and strategies that can be sequenced to create a general trajectory toward transformation.

African Swine Fever in China: turmoil ahead for food prices and the Chinese economy

China is experiencing an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF), which is devastating its pig farms. this paper argues that the Chinese response to the crisis has not been well managed. Quarantine efforts have failed and a culture of secrecy around reporting outbreaks has made...

Meat analogues: considerations for the EU

Plant-based ‘meat’ and ‘lab-grown’ meat may help to tackle the unsustainability of the livestock sector. Focusing on the EU, this paper explores the challenges of scaling up production and generating demand for such meat analogues.
Discussion paper

Enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land

The discussion document outlines proposed changes and seeks public comment to achieve better outcomes for NZ Crown pastoral land in the South Island high country.

The independence of regulatory decisions made by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA): report

This inquiry was initiated in response to concerns about pesticides and their impact on bees. There has been general concern in Australia about the safety of chemicals in general, the safety of glyphosate more specifically, and the need to ban the use of neonicotinoid-based pesticides.