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Living alone

Discussion paper

Ending loneliness together in Australia

This white paper aims to highlight the growing problem of loneliness in Australia and its significant impact on the social, health, and economic wellbeing of the Australian community.

Living alone and personal wellbeing

This paper examines the consequences of living alone, particularly its impact on a person’s social connection, health and subjective wellbeing. It finds that while living alone has some effect on these factors, the effects are limited and cannot necessarily be attributed to living alone.
Journal article

Relationship between living alone and common mental disorders in the 1993, 2000 and 2007 National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys

The proportion of people living alone has increased in recent years due to population aging, decreasing marriage rates and lowering fertility. Living alone is positively associated with common mental disorders, regardless of age and sex, according to this study.

The nature of living alone in Australia

This paper sheds further light on living alone by investigating the nature of living alone and what it means to the individuals involved. Summary In an earlier Australian Family Trends facts sheet (No. 6; de Vaus & Qu, 2015) we described those who live alone...

Supported accommodation evaluation framework (SAEF) guide

This research conducted by the Social Policy Research Centre for the NSW government about disability housing support finds that most people achieve some positive outcomes.

The future of aged persons' housing: what role for Independent Living Units?

There is an emerging crisis within housing for older persons, a crisis which will primarily affect older renters but would also include some owner-occupiers with very low valued houses. Sean McNelis looks at the role of independent living units in the future of aged housing.