Local news

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Local journalism
Regional news

Australian regional journalists: what they need and how they see the future

There have been government and industry programmes developed to assist regional journalism, but the voices of practitioners are often missing from the debate. The central aim of this study is to find out what regional journalists need to keep serving their communities and how they...

Local news consumers

This report is based on a survey of 2,038 regional news consumers. The aim of the study is to identify gaps in local news provision in regional parts of Australia and whether there is an appetite for new grassroots news offerings.

Local journalism in crisis: why America must revive its local newsrooms

Much like the situation in Australia, the economic challenges confronting local newspapers—which are uniquely positioned to devote the time and resources needed to undertake in-depth, investigative, and public interest journalism—has contributed to significant coverage gaps in local news markets in the United States.

State of public trust in local news

The findings in this study present a dilemma for local news. The data suggest that moving into more aggressive coverage of social and political issues could further polarise views — and possibly lead to an erosion of trust. However, these are not issues that local...

Availability of local news and information: 2019 state of the regions report

This paper seeks to draw together what is known about the quantum of local news journalism in the regions of Australia and how this is changing, as well as making an original contribution to this knowledge. It is a consolidation of information gleaned from government...
Discussion paper

A landscape study of emerging local news models across America

Local journalism is in crisis, off and online. Years of downsizing in the face of digital disruption have weakened regional and local news organizations. The problem is growing worse, as advertising continues to shift in substantial measure to Facebook and Google.

WIN or lose for rural viewers?

Does the regional broadcaster’s decision to close more newsrooms breach its licence obligations?

Civic engagement strongly tied to local news habits

In local communities, the civically engaged – the people who vote, volunteer and connect with those around them – play a key role in community life. Thus, how and to what degree they stay informed about their communities carries added weight. A new study by...