Long-term future


Briefing paper

Four leverage points to improve how Australia makes its future

This is a snapshot of the first Next25 Recoded report that explores and synthesises 50 deeply reflective, one-on-one interviews with established and emerging leaders from a diverse cross-section of the future-making system.

Next25 Recoded: understanding and improving how Australia makes its future

This report is the first output from Recoded, Next25's ongoing research and engagement program that builds the knowledge and support required to drive action that improves how Australia makes its future.

Next25 Navigator social research report 2021

Next25 Navigator is an annual research study that addresses the question - 'What future does Australia want and are we on track?' This report covers their social research, which engaged a large, nationally-representative sample of everyday Australians in quantitative and qualitative work across the five...

Does size matter? Population projections 20 and 50 years from 2013

This report shows what would happen to Australia's population in 20 and 50 years into the future with different growth scenarios. Introduction Periodically there is debate within Australia as to how big or small our population should be in the future. This sparks interest in...

Science embraced: government-funded science under the microscope

The ways in which countries invest in public-good science matters. This report assesses the effectiveness of the existing government-funded science system and identifies thirty policy knots. It then suggests how the system might be improved to achieve better long-term outcomes for the public good.

StrategyNZ: mapping our future strategy maps - from Te Papa to the Legislative Council Chamber

This report explains the inputs, processes and outputs of the StrategyNZ workshop held in March 2011. The aim was to encourage a conversation about our long-term future. Consensus emerged that New Zealand should work to ‘create a place where talent wants to live’. See Report...

A history of future-thinking initiatives in New Zealand, 1936–2010: How New Zealand measures up against international commitments

The purpose of this report is to learn lessons from the past and present a useful model for emerging initiatives in the future; to provide greater access to the existing knowledge established by these initiatives (so that earlier contributions can be built on); and to...

A history of future-thinking Initiatives in New Zealand 1936–2010

New Zealanders have always understood the need for long-term thinking. This report describes eighteen future-thinking initiatives since 1936, many of which were undertaken by groups in civil society. Given such a background, this report puts forward a number of lessons.

StrategyNZ: mapping our future workbook

2011 was a significant year for the Institute, as it marked our first major public-engagement initiative: the StrategyNZ workshop. This report was prepared for the one hundred New Zealanders who attended, and contains a range of thoughts and tools to explore a national strategy for...

Effective Māori representation in parliament

Building on Report 7, this report explores whether the existing system of separate parliamentary representation for Māori is optimal (e.g. the Māori roll), and if not, what mechanisms could be implemented to improve the quality of representation in the future. It then proposes an alternative...

Parental investment in children: differential pathways of parental education and mental health

This paper examines pathways through which parental characteristics might affect children's cognitive and behavioural outcomes. Using the 2004 LSAC, the author shows that more educated and mentally healthier parents are likely to have children with better outcomes. While educated parents are more frequently engaged in...