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Long-term unemployment



Unexplained differences

Ian Anderson compares the federal government's response to the Little Children Are Sacred report with the authors' recommendations.

Men not at work: an analysis of men outside the labour force

This staff working paper is part of a stream of Productivity Commission research focused on labour participation issues, which commenced with the Commission's study for CoAG on the Economic Implications of an Ageing Australia (8408).
Discussion paper

A job network for job seekers

A report on the appropriateness of current services, provider incentives and government administration of Job Network with respect to assisting disadvantaged job seekers. According to the report current Job Network arrangements do not meet the changing needs of increasingly disadvantaged job seekers and an urgent...

How to reduce long term unemployment?

Peter Saunders and Kayoko Tsumori argue that introducing a six month time limit on unemployment benefits could dramatically reduce long-term unemployment in Australia. Time limits create a sense of urgency for the unemployed to find work and for Job Network agencies whose task it is...
Discussion paper

Long-term unemployment and work deprived individuals: issues and policies

A. M. Dockery and Beth Webster write that the incidence of very long term unemployment has risen by nearly 1 percent per annum every year since the late 1970s. Their analysis identifies five different clusters of work deprived individuals. Policy suggestions include more targetted assistance...